Thursday 25 July 2024
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Texas-based CryptoBeans Coffee launches merging cryptocurrency with coffee

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LAREDO, Texas, USA – CryptoBeans Coffee LLC based out of Laredo Texas is pleased to announce the launching of their online store at CryptoBeans Coffee was created with the cryptocurrency community in mind. It merges the world of tangible goods that mostly everyone loves like coffee with the rapidly expanding world of cryptocurrency.

CryptoBeans currently offers three blends of gourmet coffee; Doge Day, BTC Bold, and ETHspresso with more blends coming soon with other very popular cryptocurrencies such as Shiba, Solana, Ripple and more. “We’ve been trading cryptocurrencies for quite a while now, and everyone who does it full time or even on their spare time understands how much work it actually is trading” Said Saul Valdez Jr. of CryptoBeans.

“Basically we took the two things most traders love most in cryptocurrency and coffee and combined them into an idea that we believe will service the entire community.”

The CryptoBeans online store allows for people to buy coffee in different sized bags using both traditional methods of payment such as USD, GBP, EUR as well as using their cryptocurrency. “A lot of the time, people have crypto and would love to be able to spend it on real things, which may be difficult” added Saul, “people can now buy coffee using their crypto, hence the name CryptoBeans!”.

The Company plans to expand its selection beyond the three blends of coffee to include more themed blends as well as merchandise such as coffee mugs, shirts, hats and more. “This is the beginning for us, and we’re excited to be here to service this community with some gourmet coffee” Saul adds.

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