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Crypto N’ Kafe ecosystem successfully completed its Pre-ICO stage

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MAURITIUS – Crypto N’ Kafe successfully completed its Pre-ICO stage and raised a sum of USD 7.1 Million in the course. The Pre-ICO started from January 18th and concluded on January 29th, 2018. The ICO of Crypto N’ Kafe began on February 4th and will continue till March 25th, 2018.

This ecosystem aims at regenerating the African Coffee Industry using the power of Blockchain.

DVG De Vecchi

With an aim to facilitate a win-win supply chain for coffee farmers, traders, importers, roasters and end-consumers, the Mauritian company created the Crypto N’ Kafe Ecosystem.

The Pre-ICO of Crypto N’ Kafe witnessed a huge success, as in a matter of 12 days; the funds were raised to an amount of 7.14 million USD.

La Cimbali

This success of Pre-ICO reflects the belief of the community towards the success of the ecosystem. The company will begin the ICO, with 4 different phases. Each phase of this ICO will offer different bonus percentage, basis the contribution amount.

Mr. Tashish Rai Singhani, Smart Contract Advisor, Crypto N’ Kafe, said “After a long research, our team designed this much needed platform. By using this, the farmers can directly deal with the roasters, importers or traders to sell their coffee beans without any dependency on intermediaries.

Traders can grab new opportunities and roasters can get the coffee beans of good quality. All these things will ultimately provide the consumers good coffee at a cheaper price while improving the livelihood of the farmers.”

With an aim to end the troubles of the African Coffee Industry, Crypto N’ Kafe looks forward to generate better revenue for the coffee farmers, traders, importers and roasters.

The ecosystem shall also enable better payment approaches, elimination of banking ordeals and facilitate a direct connect of roasters with farmers and traders.

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