Thursday 13 June 2024
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Crimson Cup enhance carryout options with two new brew bar drinks

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – With Ohio coffeehouses closed to dine-in drinking, Crimson Cup Coffee Houses have added two new brew bar drinks for carryout only. “Our new Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Cold Brew tastes like it came fresh from grandma’s kitchen,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “By contrast, our Black Walnut and Agave Latte combines two unusual flavors for a step out of the ordinary.”

Crafted by Crimson Cup’s Beverage Innovation Team, these exclusive new beverages will be for carryout only until normal operations resume. Delivery is available through Uber Eats.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Cold Brew starts with Crimson Cup single-origin Nitro Cold Brew.

To create the smooth taste of Nitro, Crimson steeps small batches of coarsely ground craft coffee in room-temperature water for up to 24 hours. This slow infusion extracts the rich coffee flavor but leaves behind compounds that can make coffee taste bitter.

Infused with nitrogen bubbles and dispensed through a tap system, Nitro cold brew delivers a visually intriguing drink with a rich, creamy texture and the mouth feel of a fine stout.

For the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Cold Brew, baristas add a custom-made syrup of dark brown sugar and raisins to the foamy nitro. After topping off with oat milk and ice, they shake the drink in a cocktail shaker and strain the frothy concoction into a Pilsner glass.


Black Walnut and Agave Latte starts with Crimson Cup’s Wayfarer Blend espresso. Wayfarer, which means traveler, features a rotating blend of current crop coffees. The smooth brew tastes great alone and complements both sweet and savory flavors.

To craft a Black Walnut and Agave Latte, baristas stir in amber agave nectar and black walnut bitters, then top the drink with steamed milk.

Each 12-ounce drink sells for $4.50. To place a carryout order, visit your nearest Crimson Cup Coffee House:

  • 1441 North High Street in Clintonville.
  • 2468 Northwest Blvd. in Upper Arlington.
  • 116 Tallmadge Circle in Tallmadge, Ohio.

Because these specially crafted drinks take several minutes to produce, they cannot be ordered through drive-thrus. Delivery is available through Uber Eats.


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