Wednesday 22 May 2024
  • Triesteexpresso of Portland launches new office coffee ordering service nationwide

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PORTLAND, OR – is a curated artisan coffee marketplace that was created for individuals who appreciate coffee. This service has a vision of a world where the average person is not forced to drink bad coffee at the workplace. wants to be able to provide coffee directly from truly artisan roasters to those who crave high-quality coffee at home and now in their workplace. has recently launched a new automated office coffee ordering service because they feel that workplaces should be giving their team members a choice in their office coffee selections.

La Cimbali allows their members to browse hundreds of various coffees from different oarigins, processes, and varieties. Individuals are able to customize based on size, grind, roast profile, roaster, country, tasting notes, and a variety of different specifications.

Now they are able to do this in the workplace as well as at home. Crema office coffee service first allows managers to set a budget per bag of coffee, the amount and frequency they want to order, and grind type. Next, a coffee playlist is created and populated, based on an initial survey, and employees can request coffees that they would like to try.


After that, the coffee is roasted to order and delivered 3-5 days after roasting. Last, empowers employees and employers who use this service to vote so that everyone can have the power to suggest and try new coffee as often as they want. allows the employer to continually adjust their profile specific to their workplace. Users are able to define how much coffee their workplace goes through on a weekly basis, if they prefer whole bean coffee or pre-ground, favorite tasting notes, roast preference, and if there are any decaf drinkers. This profile allows for to provide suggestions to ensure that all the coffee needs of the employees are being met.

The workplace coffee playlist can be managed manually or set for automatic scheduled ordering. In addition to their coffee ordering service for the workplace, provides the workplace with a variety of coffee guides.

These guides include information on coffee brewing, hario V60, French, chemex, coffee roasts, flavor profiles, processing methods, single-origin, as well as coffee varieties to get started in the complex world of coffee. These guides as well as the new workplace ordering method are designed to make the lives of all coffee drinkers better. is located in Portland, Oregon and can be contacted via phone at 503-387-9859 or via email at For more information regarding, their coffee services, as well as their newly launched workplace coffee services, visit their website at


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