Monday 28 November 2022

CRASTAN- Caffè Tradition kisses ARBO – Innovation

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LA SPEZIA/MANNHEIM/ILSFELD – The traditional Italian coffee roaster CRASTAN Caffè from La Spezia now portions their noble coffee delights in NATURE TEC CAP bio coffee capsules made of eco-friendly, because petroleumfree, bioplastic ARBOBLEND.

Inventor and initiator Peppino Burgio of NATURE TEC CAP, the injection moulder WKE and biopolymer specialists from TECNARO show relief after a long development and trial phase in view of the positive results.

The new bio coffee capsules were tested in different test laboratories for all eventualities such as heat resistance, hot water suitability, diffusion sealing, food contact conformity, color fastness, taste and odor neutrality, and was successfully approved for the industry in 2013.

Since then these innovative bio – capsules are used for testing in selected CRASTAN coffee houses under real time conditions.

The coffee portioned in hundreds of thousands ARBOBLEND – bio capsules many months ago has now undergone the testing phase in commercial coffee machines of various brands and passed with flying colors.

The coffee capsules close clean and tight inside the machine and keep their shape through brewing conditions.

The fine CRASTAN coffee with its wonderful velvety Crema tastes and smells like freshly roasted out of the organic coffee capsule!

Also the various Crastan “Aromen Espresso” specialties taste exactly as desired – like fragrant and freshly ground finest “espresso italiano” with a touch of vanilla, caramel, chocolate, cinnamon, tiramisu or Irish Whiskey – a real treat not only for connoisseurs.

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