Wednesday 22 May 2024
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Cooks Coffee Company announces openings in the UK and Ireland

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AUCKLAND, New Zealand – Cooks Coffee Company, the New Zealand international coffee focused cafe chain, has announced a significant expansion in the number of cafés in UK and Ireland operating under the Company’s Esquires and Triple Two brands.

With recent new cafes opening for their Esquires brand, in Islington and Northamptonshire and more to come in the UK and Ireland, Cooks Coffee’s total café count is expected to rise from 111 cafes to 120 across the UK, Ireland and the Middle East into early 2023.

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The Company has a very healthy pipeline of opportunities in negotiation with the Esquires chain planning another new cafe for 2022 and a further five cafe openings scheduled in the UK in early 2023. In Ireland, Esquires will have a new cafe operating in a Dublin suburb and a further opening is planned in County Carlow in Q1 2023.

The Company’s award winning Triple Two brand is also focused on expansion having already doubled the number of Triple Two cafes in the last twelve months to 20. This month will see the launch of the first of Triple Two’s “Triple Two Go” vans, providing a mobile coffee outlet in the Manchester, UK, area. Additionally, five new stores are planned to be opened in London and the south of England before the end of 2022.


As announced on 15 August 2022, Cooks Coffee is planning to dual list on the Aquis Growth Market in London in Q4 2022.

Keith Jackson, Executive Chairman of Cooks Coffee Company, said: “We are delighted with the recent performance of both our Esquires and Triple Two cafes as we continue to build a business of ethical coffee brands with community spirit .Building on our position as the fourth largest coffee focussed cafe chain in the UK (behind Starbucks, Costa and Caffe Nero), and the largest solely franchisor focused cafe chain in the UK and Ireland, we see considerable opportunities for further growth.

“Having emerged from the pandemic in a healthy position I believe Cooks Coffee brands are now poised for significant growth that will deliver value for our shareholders. I will provide further updates as we progress our planned dual listing on the Aquis Growth Market in London.”


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