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Contact Coffee releases one of the strongest coffees in the UK

Red On! Is a newly released brand of coffee from the UK military coffee team, Contact Coffee, that stands as one of the strongest coffees in the country, if not the world, offering 1293mg of caffeine per 12 fl oz brewed

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CANNOCK, UK – Contact Coffee, a British military-owned coffee company has recently been making waves in the coffee-aficionado space with the recent release of their Red On! Coffee. Red On! Coffee Is a high-caffeine coffee that is becoming widely regarded as one of the strongest brands available to buy in the UK, if not the entire world. As such, coffee fans from around the globe are starting to hunt down Red On! Coffee to see if it lives up to its reputation.

With a measurement of 1293mg of caffeine per 12 fl oz brewed, Red On! Coffee has certainly earned its reputation for being one of the strongest brews around. Contact Coffee rates it as their only coffee that reaches a strength ratio of 5/5. For reference, the average cup of brewed coffee contains between 80-120mg of caffeine.

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A specialty coffee with specifically selected beans, Red On! Coffee is a single original 100% robusta from the Badra Estate in South West India, using balanced, clean coffee beans, often chosen for their sweet and subtle

The aim of Red On! Coffee was to create the strongest coffee ever released by Contact Coffee and, indeed, to create the strongest coffee possible. However, after realizing that the strongest coffee still had a taste they were more than happy to share, which is a rarity amongst the coffees with higher caffeine levels, they decided to release it to the public at large as well.


The term ‘Red On’ comes from when you are conducting military jumps, it is the warning you get prior to ‘green, go’ when you are then to jump out of the aircraft. As such, Red On! proved the perfect name for a coffee so well geared for preparing the consumer for high-octane activities.

Contact Coffee Co. is a team founded by two Royal Marines veterans, with a long history of being frustrated with poor-quality freeze-dried coffee during their global operations.

They created Contact Coffee as a military coffee company to provide personnel with good coffee, no matter what environment they were in and, since then, have made their coffees more widely available, trialing and testing them from the Arctic circle to tropical jungles.

Their mantra of “Quick Coffee” drives us to seek ways of brewing the best fresh coffee with minimal equipment and in the shortest amount of time.


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