Sunday 21 July 2024
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Conab sees record Brazilian coffee output in 2018 at 58.5 million bags

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MILAN – Brazil’s is expected to harvest a bumper crop IN 2018. In its first forecast for CY 2018/19, Conab – the National Food Supply Agency of Brazil – pegs the coming crop at 54.44-58.51 million bags, 21 to 30 percent higher than last year crop of 44.9 million bags.

Even considering the average of the estimate (56.48 million bags), this would be a 10 percent increase over the previous record crop collected in CY 2016/17 of 51.37 million bags.

The figure at the top of the range is similar or close to those issued by trade sources like Wolthers Douqué (58.5 million) or Rabobank (59 million).

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