Saturday 21 May 2022

Conab’s fourth estimate pegs Brazil’s crop at a record 61.7 million bags

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MILAN – Brazil harvested a record crop of 61.7 million bags, the government food supply and statistics agency Conab said on Tuesday in its fourth estimate for 2018/19.

This represents a 37% rise over 2017/18 production levels. This is also 1.7 million more than the previous estimate of 59.9 million bags released in September.

Arabica production reached at 47.5 million bags, up 38.6% from the 2017/18 crop. The output of Robusta was estimated at 14.2 million bags, up 32.2% from the previous crop.

The average production per hectare reached a record level of 33 bags, or a 37% increase over year. Productivity was at 31.72 bags per hectare for Arabica coffee and 38.59 bags per hectare for Robusta, up 37.2% and 37.4% respectively.

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