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We are launching our subscription campaign

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MILAN – Comunicaffè International is launching its subscription campaign for 2022-2023. The annual subscription rate is unchanged since 2015 at 260 euro. A paying account gives you access to all the resources on our website without limitations. You can pay using your paypal account and our address, or with a wire transfer.

Payment details for the wire transfer

Bank: Widiba Bank Italy

La Cimbali

IBAN CODE: IT32J0344216000000001262485



Payment must be made to order of Angela Hysi the publisher of Comunicaffè International.

Please take note that:

  • Our bank can accept orders from your bank only in Euro.
  • Payment must be made to our account in the net amount without deductions.
  • All bank transfer costs, including the fees of the intermediary and beneficiary bank, shall be borne by the sender.

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