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COLOMBIA – Nespresso announces new specialty coffees from Cauca and Santander

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BOGOTA – During the LXXIX National Congress of Coffee Growers,Guillaume Le Cunff, International Strategy and Marketing Director of Nespresso S.A, announced that the company will expand its Colombian products portfolio.

As part of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation´s (FNC) efforts to uphold Café de Colombia´s quality and differentiation, a new edition of Santander and Cauca coffee origin capsules will be available in Nespresso S.A´s exclusive boutiques starting next year.

This new edition –which consolidates the Nespresso, Santander and Cauca cluster–, will benefit more than 16 thousand Colombian coffee growers from different municipalities of the departments of Cauca and Santander.

In addition to these departments, Nespresso buys specialty coffee from Antioquia, Caldas, Cundinamarca and Nariño.

According to the FNC and Nespresso, ‘sustainable quality’relies on the implementation of certain practices during the coffee productive process that lead to quality production and economic viability while respecting the environment and contributing to the social welfare of producers, their families, and their communities.

“Our program requires permanent and constant access to the best coffee. Only 1.2% of the world´s green coffee meets our requirements. Colombia is so important to us because it produces the highest quality coffee,” noted Mr. Le Cunff.

Features of Café de Santander 

Santander was one of Colombia´s first coffee growing regions. Because of its prolonged and intense dry seasons, coffee has always been grown in productive systems under shade.

It is known for having a clean and balanced cup profile with a medium-high body; medium acidity; sweet and fruity notes; and delicate citric sensations. Its aroma´s sweet and herbal notes and the mildness and cleanness that characterize Café de Colombia make Café de Santander unique.

With 78% of its total coffee growing area planted with Colombia and Castillo Variety, Santander is the country´s department with the highest percentage of area grown with rust resistant varieties.

In 2012 it was declared the World´s First Area with Low Prevalence of coffee leaf rust.

The fact that rust resistant varieties developed by the FNC´s Cenicafé obviate the use of agrochemicals for fungus control represents a great advantage for the area´s environmental sustainability and for the commercialization of Café de Santander as a sustainable and innocuous bean.

Features of Café del Cauca

Since 2005 the department of Cauca has been part of Nespresso´s Sustainable Quality AAA Program. The initiative benefits 15,000 coffee growers from Cauca which account for a total of 16,705 hectares grown in coffee.

Coffee in Cauca is grown at higher altitudes than in any other of the country´s regions because of its ideal rainfall, rich volcanic soil, abundant sunlight, and warm and humid winds.

These conditions give Café del Cauca the unique flavor and aroma that is appreciated worldwide for its unusual high acidity, sweetness and mildness.

Its cup profile has a pronounced fragrance and aroma, medium-high acidity, medium body, balanced cup and caramel and floral notes.

Source: FNC

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