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Collection N73 ECO: a coffee made out of a blend of the best organic Arabica beans

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BARCELONA, Spain – Collection N73 ECO is the new coffee concept in the Collection de Cafés Pont range. Organically farmed 100% Arabica coffee beans with certification from the Catalan Council of Organic Farming (CCPAE), which guarantees naturally growing methods without chemical compounds or pesticides. Furthermore, the entire process to create the final product is completely sustainable, ensuring that it respects the environment.

This is a superior coffee since it is hand-picked and does not contain any chemical products. This means that the coffee growers can select the beans at the best time for picking, which leads to a higher-quality product.

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Our Collection N73 ECO coffee is made from a selection of organic Arabica beans from mountainous regions of Central and South America that are slow roasted to preserve their flavour and aroma profile. This results in a creamy and complex coffee with notes of herbs, cocoa and liquorice.

As an organic coffee, it has far more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than non-organic coffees. As such, it has far greater nutritional value as shown by various studies.


Collection N52 and N73 ECO are part of the Collection de Cafés Pont range

A line that has been specifically thought out for home coffee bean consumption without capsules and zero waste, doing our part for the environment and sustainability.

Cafés Pont brings together the essence of the best coffee which they select at the point of origin, so that you can enjoy the scent and taste of freshly ground coffee at home. Even though the coffee in the Collection range has been thought out for super automatic coffee machines, you can also brew them in other kinds of coffee makers as long as you grind them properly.

The new Collection N73 is sold in a 250g 100% recyclable stand-up pouch format and is available in supermarkets and on the Cafés Pont online store.


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