Friday 19 July 2024
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CoffeeNetwork release White Paper: El Niño and Global Coffee Production

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Alexis Rubinstein, Senior Editor at CoffeeNetwork, has released her white paper, “El Niño and Global Coffee Production.” Rubinstein examines the weather phenomenon of El Niño and its varying effects on the world’s coffee producing countries.

From erratic rainfall and droughts to rising temperatures and floods, the coffee sector is already feeling the impact, as reflected in rising quality and yield concerns and volatile futures prices.

As stated in the white paper, “It is hard to generalize if El Niño is bearish or bullish for global coffee markets. Each El Niño is different, has a specific impact on different regions and can vary greatly in severity.

Overall, if El Niño is present and causes droughts, such as in Asia and in Central America, this could be seen as supportive to the market. If El Niño comes at a time when it brings beneficial rainfall to the world’s largest coffee producer, Brazil, it could put pressure on the market.”

The white paper breaks down the varying climatic conditions in the major coffee producers and how El Niño has helped or hurt production during the numerous stages of coffee bean development.

The “El Niño and Global Coffee Production “white paper can be found at:

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