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Coffee Knowledge Hub: A coffee themed reading list to give you a caffeine kick during your holiday

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MILAN – Whether it is the beach, the mountains or a staycation beckoning for a Summer holiday, it is always good to have some quality reading material. This coffee themed reading list from the Coffee Knowledge Hub will stimulate your mind while you kick back with a tasty brew. The Coffee Knowledge Hub (CKH) is an all-new platform where the coffee community can learn, connect and discover the latest education, research and trends in the coffee industry.

Through partnerships with industry leading providers, such as Cup of Excellence, Coffee Sensorium, CQI, SCA, and more, it offers over 30 courses, including science, business, barista skills, sensory, roasting, and technical skills.

La Cimbali

“Coffee: A Global History” by Jonathan Morris

While the history of coffee is colourful and makes for a wonderful story, it takes a professional historian to extract the chaff from the beans. This global history takes coffee from its first referenced consumption to the modern day trends. While it is factual it is still an enjoyable pool side read.

Spolier alert: The flat white was an Australian invention.


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“The physics of filter coffee” by Jonathan Gagné

Scott Rao says: The Physics of Filter Coffee by astrophysicist Jonathan Gagné is perhaps the most significant book ever written on the science of coffee brewing. In the book Jonathan discusses the physics of percolation, extraction, and grinding, as well as water chemistry. He takes the reader down such rabbit holes as pouring-kettle design, optimizing turbulence while pouring, the impact of fines on percolation, the physics of paper filters, and the geometry of various brewers. He also presents some original ideas about coffee brewing and backs it all up with reams of facts and data.

The most wonderful thing about The Physics of Filter Coffee is not the impressive depth of the science, but the practical lessons Jonathan draws from the science. Unlike, say, “lIly’s Espresso: the Science of Quality”, an impressive treatise on the science of espresso, The Physics of Filter Coffee offers an abundance of practical recommendations derived from science, data, and experimentation. Any barista who reads this book will immediately have new tools to make better coffee.

“The Physics of Filter Coffee”

“Sip ‘n’ Slurp: A Guide to Coffee Expert Tasting” by Freda Yuan

Sip ‘n’ Slurp gives unique insights for using coffee tasting to embrace life and find a sense of joy. Inspired by Freda Yuan’s own personal & professional journey, she shares the expertise built up over the last 8 years. Learn simple and approachable exercises to enhance your coffee experience.

Sensory experiences can be very personal; there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to how we perceive different flavours (or “tastes”). “Sip ’n’ Slurp” is a coffee book for people who are interested in developing or refining their sensory awareness.

Freda is 3 times UK Cup Taster’s Champion, #3 World Cup Taster’s champion 2017, a certified Q Grader, and Roaster’s Guild leadership committee member.

“Sip ‘n’ Slurp: A Guide to Coffee Expert Tasting”

“Inspire and get inspired” by André Eiermann

Recounting his journey from marketing director to the WBC stage, “Inspire and get inspired” highlights that with focus, effort and passion, extraordinary things are possible. Andre Eiermann takes you on the journey with the aim of motivating you to dream big and attempt something special.

“Inspire and get inspired”


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