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Coffee for Karma: Brno man gives out free coffee for good deeds

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BRNO, Czech Republic – You can buy coffee with the currency of karma. In Brno, Libor Hoření (PICTURE) is giving out free coffee to those who have done good deeds.

Hoření started Dobro Káva, a coffee stand trying to make the Czech Republic a better place. The coffee stand is in Cabbage Square Market (Zelném trhu).

Hoření has been using this system for a few weeks now. No one checks to confirm the act of kindness has been done. But, this is part of the system. “

We believe you, it’s about trust,” says their website, addressing the issue that no one is obligated to follow through with the deed. If you want to trick someone to get a free coffee you can, but this is bad karma.

The coffee stands motto is “Don’t pay money, pay a good deed.”

You can earn a coffee by doing a good deed of your own, or you can choose from one of the good deeds written on their blackboard. The coffee stand runs weekdays from 9:00-17:00.

“I helped my classmate prepare for her two exams and they have successfully passed both of them,” said one person.

Other individuals did things like give money to a street musician, help a foreigner with their Czech, and another even told someone they loved them. The opportunities are almost limitless, as long as you are doing an act of good.

Read more examples of the good deeds that have done on their website. You can also write down your own good deed, and hopefully inspiring someone else to do good as well.

The system is not bullet proof, and anyone can get a free coffee without doing anything.

Others might questions what the point of a good deed is if you are doing it to earn a free coffee.

But, issues like these seem irrelevant to Dobro Káva. Ultimately, the point is to encourage good acts, if good is done, that is what is important.

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