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Coffee exports from India inched up slightly to 350,000 tons in 2019

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MILAN – Coffee exports from India inched up 0.6% in calendar year 2019 to 350,000 ton from 348,000 tons in the previous year, reports the Coffee Board of India. Italy, Germany and Russia were the export markets for Indian coffee.

Of the total coffee exports, India exported 72,267 tons to Italy, 37,175 tonne to Germany and 28,573 tonne to Russia last year.

Robusta coffee exports rose 4.1% 186,360 tonne in 2019 from 179,004 tons in 2018, according to data released by the Board.

Export of Arabica coffee however declined 10.75 per cent to 47,341.82 tonne from 53,049 tonne in 2018.

Shipments of instant coffee fell to 27,339 tonne in 2019 from 29,146 tonne in the previous year

Some of the major exporting companies include CCL Products India, Tata Coffee, NKG India Coffee, Allanasons Pvt Ltd, Olam Agro and Coffee Day Global Ltd.