Monday 08 August 2022

Coffee exports from Brazil reached a new all time high of 3.8 million bags in September

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MILAN – Coffee exports from Brazil reached record levels in September. According to the Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council, or Cecafé, the world’s largest producer of the commodity shipped almosto 3.8 million bags of coffee in all forms last month, an 8.6% increase over September 2019. Green coffee exports surged 11.5% to 3,510,567 bags.

Arabica and Robusta shipments rose by 1.4% and 93.8% respectively. Exports of processed coffee (mostly soluble) fell by 18.5%.

Arabicas made nearly three quarters (74.8%) of the exports, followed by Robusta (17.7%) and processed coffee (7.5%).

Cumulative coffee exports from Brazil during the first 9 month of 2020 reached almost 30.5 million bags, a mere 0.6% less the last year.

Green coffee shipments totalled 27.5 million bags (-0.5%), of which 23.7 million (-3.3%) of Arabica and 3.7 million (+22.3%) of Robusta.

Export volumes of processed coffee were little less of 3 million bags, down 1.5%on year.

The biggest market was the United States, at 5.6 million bags, followed by Germany, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, Spain and Canada. Sales to Mexico, Russia and Belgium increased the most, by roughly 19%.

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