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Coffee exports from Brazil fell by almost a quarter in February, reports Cecafé

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SÃO PAULO, Brazil – Total exports of all forms coffee from Brazil during the month of February were down by almost a quarter (-24.3%) to 2.7 million bags, reports Cecafé in its monthly figures. Revenue slid 23% to USD 361.4 million, with average price going up 1.8% to USD 133.59.

Green coffee exports fell by 25.7% to 2.4 million bags. Arabica shipments were down by 27.7% to 2.2 million bags, while those of Robusta rose 3.3% to little less of 219,000 bags.

Exports of processed coffee (mostly soluble) were also down by 9.6%.

Arabica-type coffee accounted for 81.5% of total exports in February at 2.2 million bags shipped.

Soluble coffee made up 10.4% at 281,000 bags. Robusta coffee answered to 8.1% of exports at 219,000 bags, up 3.3% year-on-year.

Total coffee exports from Brazil during the first two months of 2020 saw a 12.3% decrease to the still-respectable, but considerably smaller volume of 6,177,760 bags.

Revenue slid 10.6% to USD 834.4million, while average price per bag climbed 1.9% to USD 135.07.

Shipments of Arabica totalled 5,568,565 bags, 14.2% less than in the equivalent period of 2019. Robusta shipments confirmed their positive trend, with a 22.1% on year. Sales of processed coffee were also up by 9.2%.

The biggest destinations for Brazilian coffee were the United States, Germany and Italy. Relevant markets whose imports went up the most were the Russian Federation and Sweden, up 28.2% and 28.6% year-on-year in Jan-Feb period.

“February coffee exports reflect the shorter month of the year, with less working days, as well as reduced availability. The 2019/2020 crop was smaller than the preceding one, and this led to weaker sales. It all leads us to believe we’ll see similar results up until June, when the off season ends and harvest of the new crop begins,” Cecafé chairman Nelson Carvalhaes was quoted in a press release as saying.

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