Thursday 30 May 2024
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Coffee capsules from Invigo Coffee are now available online in five flavours

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CONCORD, ON, Canada – Invigo, the manufacturer of Coffee recently launched its coffee capsules online. The capsules which come in 5 flavours, can now be bought over the internet via the website or Amazon and shipped directly to the customer, freshly packaged and handled with care by the manufacturer. With an online presence, Invigo coffee has attained a broader network reach for customers all over the globe.

The price tag for each flavour before shipping and handling is $7.50 CAD. Price per pod is $0.75 CAD. There are no limited purchases. Customers can buy as many as required or desired.

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Invigo Coffee capsules are derived from coffee beans that are grown and shipped from Ethiopia and South American countries namely; Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Colombia. All 4 countries are conducive to the growing of coffee in large quantities. A lot of factors contribute to the proper cultivation of coffee. From weather to the temperature and type of soil, conditions have to be just right in harvesting, healthy, optimum coffee.

The flavours were all uniquely made after numerous research by the company to obtain great-tasting coffee. Various facilitation and machinery had to be utilized in order for the product to be of high quality.


The vanilla flavour offers an opulent texture of high-quality grade coffee and the distinct taste of flavour from vanilla. The combination of both the coffee and vanilla results in a captivating aroma with a smooth, silky taste.

The other 4 flavours include Invigo coffee chocolate, Invigo coffee boost, Invigo coffee classic, and Invigo coffee caramel.

A spokesman of the company said, “It is not about the smallest grind when you want to make great coffee-it all boils down to the perfect grind size”. He went on further to say, “ Too much of finely ground coffee is simply outdone by the water, minimizing the rich taste of the coffee,” he said adding, “It’s important to get everything right, including the weight and water temperature of the coffee”.

While still expounding on his coffee expertise he went on to say “There are different proportions of coffee grinds. They range from large to small pieces. The small pieces which are the fine grinds are the ones best suited for coffee pods.”


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