Tuesday 28 May 2024
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Coffee bars across the world can now enjoy the new coffee printers from Gnfei

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MILAN – GNFEI Technology Co., Ltd is becoming more creative by producing top quality printers that meet the needs of customers. The devices are highly designed by a team of highly trained professionals who have experience in modifying and creating standardized machines. These excellent value items offer multiple solutions in one compact and simple to use machines.

Besides, the products are accessible in different sizes, shapes, and types: and they are available to the home and business users. So customers can find one that suits their needs and requirements.

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Recently, GNFEI Technology Co., Ltd has presented the coffee printer. The machine is equipped with numerous features that are user friendly to the client. For instance: it comes with a weight of 15kg, making it easy to carry and transport. Similarly, this printer is equipped with fantastic software like an installed in touch screen that makes it easy for customers to operate and press.

For a compelling performance, these machines have a power rate of 25W, and printing speed ranging between 10 to 30S/Cup. The representative of the company has revealed that they are planning to increase the stock of this printer to curb the high demand.


Every second and minute, more than 25,000 cups of coffee are taken around the globe. That is too much coffee, right? Well, coffee ripples help a user’s cup stand out from the rest and keep drinking more.

With GNFEI Technology Co., Ltd’s ripple coffee maker, coffee addicts can turn their ordinary cup of coffee into a remarkable experience. Utilizing patented printing innovation, the device can make an attractive ripple from any text or picture. Moreover, the ripple maker can produce more than 400 prints in a day. The representative has requested businesspeople to rush for this product, as it’s cost-effective and highly-profitable.

What could be more relaxing than a freshly brewed cup of espresso? Well, customers can now rush and buy the newly introduced coffee machine from GNFEI Technology Co., Ltd. The firm distributes numerous designs that make it easy for customers to choose and pick the best.

They can choose from almost any color, including black, blue, red, or practically any other color. This will match with the kitchen or room and can make an incredible indoor decorative piece.

In addition, these machines come in a variety of materials ranging from stainless steel to plastic, and some will produce large quantities of coffee. So customers can visit the company’s site and order the best machine.

If you want to learn more about the company visit https://www.gnfei.com and learn more.


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