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Coconut Cloud: A plant-based revolution in coffee creamers

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DENVER, U.S. – Welcome to the morning coffee revolution – especially for the vegan and dairy-free generation. Coconut Cloud is for conscientious individuals who wake up craving a cup of java but don’t drink dairy.

It’s a problem-solving product for people who want a clean coffee kick to start their day – without forgoing the creamer.

Whether you want a latte or a flat white, Coconut Cloud will give you a bonafide, tastebud-tantalizing, plant-based pick me up in a coffee cup.

But that’s not all. Although intensely creamy, this 100% dairy free, non-GMO, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free dried coconut milk product is also totally healthy.

This is no almond milk: this non-dairy creamer is made with 85% pure coconut; high in medium-chain fatty acids – the good fats that help prevent infections and block pathogens.

However, while the creamer is filled with clean ingredients, it’s worth mentioning what’s NOT in this product.


As well as skipping the carrageenan, titanium dioxide, and trans fats, it has a low glycemic index to ensure your insulin levels don’t spike and cause that post-breakfast energy crash.

Contained in a useful resealable pouch, Coconut Cloud is set to be your on-the-go go-to because, unlike dairy, it doesn’t require refrigeration.

It’s also compact and has a super-long shelf life of up to two years. Keep it in your kitchen to replace canned coconut milk in your Thai green curries; take it to the office for that everyday 11am tea break, or throw it in your bag to mix into that emergency drive-thru cup of joe.

About Coconut Cloud

Coconut Cloud is produced by esteemed health food purveyors Tundalaya – who’ve been in the health-food game for 13 years – with natural ingredients.

The innovative product is the brainchild of self-confessed coconut addict and company founder Kerry Carlson, whose continued mantra is, “Eat More Plants!™ “; now made easy with Coconut Cloud, which is already available for delivery from Amazon.

Contact Kerry (kerry@tundalaya.com) or Director of Product Innovation, Lauren Walton (lauren@tundalaya.com), if you’re curious about Coconut Cloud.

Contact outreach is also available on their website, coconutcloud.net. You can find them on Facebook and Pinterest by searching “Coconut Cloud” or check out their Instagram photos @coconut.cloud and tweets at @coconut_cloud.


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