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Cocoa products from Africa to be showcased at exhibition in Moscow

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MOSCOW, Russian Federation – Moscow will host about 150 local and foreign companies from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America this month to showcase various cocoa products and cocoa industrial equipment at the VI Salon du Chocolat, a release from the Exhibition Committee said in Moscow.

From the African region, the release listed Cameroon, Cote d’Voire, Ghana, Gabon, Nigeria and Togo as cocoa producing countries that have been invited to participate in the exhibition noting that the countries have perspectives to increase export of cocoa and processed cocoa products to meet the growing demand in Russia.

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Russia remains one of the most promising markets for chocolate worldwide. It is also the largest European market and at the same time, its chocolate sector is considered as booming.

One important objective of the Salon du Chocolat is to support the development of the chocolate industry in Russia.

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‘We want the Salon to be a great opportunity for those companies to sell their products and find new partners. We have changed both location and dates to increase significantly visitor traffic and make sure our exhibitors could make good sales while developing commercial relations in an informal setting,’ Claire Coutin, Director of the V Salon du Chocolat, told GNA in an exclusive interview in Moscow.

Salon du Chocolat in Moscow has strongly encouraged Ghana, Cameroon and Cote d’Voire to supply cocoa to the Russian market and they should continue to be present and defend the origins of their cocoa in Russia.

‘We think that this is very important to pursue the international dialogue that was initiated last year among people who grow cocoa, those who are making chocolates and the final consumers. Countries such as Ghana, Cameroon and Ivory Coast played a critical role last year, educating our visitors about the origin of chocolate and cocoa of excellence,’ Coutin said.

Last year, Ghana was represented by the York Trade Corporation, a Canadian registered and certified trading company, and the Ghana Cocoa Board’s (COCOBOD) nine-member delegation.

By participating in the trade event and future ones, it will significantly help to develop, establish business relations, find and collaborate with new partners for the cocoa industry of the Republic of Ghana.

The Ghana COCOBOD was established with a mission to encourage and facilitate the production, processing and marketing of premium quality cocoa, coffee and shea nut in all forms in the most efficient and cost-effective manner and to promote cocoa products both in local and international markets.

The previous edition of the Salon du Chocolat was visited by 25,000 people.

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