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Coca-Cola Amatil to bring hot coffee into Indonesian homes with Caffitaly

Coca-Cola Amatil hosted last week an Investor Tour and Management Presentations to provide a progress update on the Group strategy and a number of its businesses.

Group Managing Director Alison Watkins said the events are being held in Jakarta, Indonesia, at the heart of one of Coca – Cola Amatil’s major growth markets.

“The venue for this year’s Investor Day recognises the important role Indonesia plays in delivering Coca Cola Amatil’s future growth plans ,” Ms Watkins said.

“Our 6,300 – strong Indonesian team have made solid progress in collaboration with The Coca -Cola Company across all of our strategic priorities. This puts us in a n excellent position for driving further growth, despite subdued consumer spending in some sectors.

We’ll be taking the opportunity to highlight our progress and outline our plans for the future.”

Ms Watkins said the briefing would also include an overview of the Coca – Cola Amatil Group, an accelerated plan for Australian Beverages and new opportunities underway for Alcohol & Coffee.

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