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Clio Coffee launches next-generation coffee system and subscription service

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DALLAS, U.S. — Clio Coffee today introduced American coffee drinkers to the next-generation at-home coffee experience with the launch of its single-cup coffee system and subscription pod delivery service. Today, premium coffee is difficult and expensive to make at home where 70 percent of coffee is consumed. Clio Coffee is changing that with its innovative brewing technology, never-leave-home convenience and affordable prices, making premium coffee an everyday reality for mainstream America.

The Clio Coffee system, which is designed in Italy, combines advanced high-pressure brewing, highly engineered double-filter pods and top-grade coffee blends to produce premium taste. In blind taste tests, coffee drinkers preferred the taste of Clio Coffee four to one over the leading single-cup brand.

In addition to coffee, the Clio Coffee system brews espresso, which can be used to make lattes and espresso-based drinks or poured over ice to make iced coffee. Best of all, Clio is delivered directly to consumers via pod subscription or on-demand purchases, making it instantly accessible everywhere.

And for coffee aficionados who are also concerned about the environmental impact of their coffee brewer, Clio pods are fully recyclable and contain 60 percent more coffee while using 70 percent less material than the leading single-cup coffee brand.

“In America we got used to trading taste for convenience when it comes to making coffee at home,” said Sam Fahmy, Clio Coffee chairman of the board. “Clio was born out of a crazy idea – why shouldn’t everyone be able to enjoy great-tasting coffee at home? Clio finally makes that possible with its next-gen technology and delivery method so anyone can now enjoy super-premium coffee at home.”

Clio is priced affordably with its direct-to-consumer model which eliminates the costs of third-party coffee roasters, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Customers have the option of either subscribing to monthly pod delivery or purchasing on demand. The Clio brewer retails for $199 for non-subscribers, with 10-pod packs at $11.99 each. With a 30-pod monthly subscription ($29.97 per month – 17 percent off of pod price), the brewer is discounted 50 percent to $99. With a 60-pod monthly subscription ($49.98 per month – 30 percent off of pod price), the brewer is just $49 (75 percent off of full price).

“Finally, a coffee machine that fits with my home aesthetic and is great for small spaces. Clio Coffee makes working from home a lot easier. It’s convenient, fast and, most importantly, this coffee tastes amazing as is,” says online influencer Angie Garcia.

The Clio brewer’s sleek design is available in red or white options and comes with the following features:

  • High-pressure brewing: extracts the most flavor from the coffee and makes a 10-ounce cup of full-strength coffee in about 75 seconds
  • Multiple drink options: makes coffee, espresso or tea with a single-button press
  • No-mess pods: used pods automatically drop into a hidden basket for easy recycling
  • Space-efficient design: just 12.5” tall, 14” long and 5” wide with full 48-ounce water tank

Clio sources the best coffee beans from around the world and hand roasts them at facilities in the hills of Northern Italy. Clio’s revolutionary pod design makes both full-strength coffee and double espresso from the same pods, eliminating the need to stock multiple types and sizes of pods. At launch, Clio offers four signature coffee blends:

  • Rise & Shine – Mild roast to kick off the day with notes of citrus, fruits and bergamot
  • Smooth Sailing – Medium roast with notes of chocolate, fruit, hazelnut and sweet caramel
  • Peak Power – Dark roast with a strong Italian accent, full-bodied aroma and flavorful finish
  • Evening Delight – Decaffeinated mild roast with notes of hazelnut and chocolate

Clio also offers tea pods, with additional beverages rolling out in the coming months.

Clio is now available at

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