Sunday 25 February 2024

CleanerCaps, the new cleaning kit for capsules machines’ brewer units

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MILAN, Italy – The patented CleanerCaps product, available for Nespresso, Lavazza a Modo Mio, Lavazza Blue, Lavazza Point, Caffitaly and One System, is designed to meet the market need of capsule machines’ brewing unit cleaning.

Capsule machines’ brewing unit is subject to constant deposit of coffee residues, oils and even micro aluminum parts coming out from the capsules’ cover, which are unknowingly ingested as they end up in the cup of coffee.

Coffee residues may also, in the long run, occlude the brewing unit itself by blocking the coffee machine eventually requiring the intervention of the service center most of the time out of warranty.

Today, thanks to CleanerCaps® used alone or during the limescale cycle that the user routinely performs, you can also clean the brewing group and achieve a number of benefits:

  • No more residues in your coffee
  • Taste a better coffee
  • Improved durability of the coffee machine
  • More hygiene in the coffee machine
  • No chemical residue inside the machine as it cleans in a direct way only the brewing unit end
  • easier and faster rinse

The self-explanatory counter display gives the product a better visibility in the store.

Also available today is the patented CleanerWater softener magnetic immersion.

Thanks to the action of magnetism it turns calcium into aragonite and makes sure that limestone will not form.

CleanerCaps is seeking new potential business partners in Italy and around the world. For more details contact:

Marco Colombo

Mokitalia srl

+39 335 5429129

+39 393 5429129



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