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Cimbali Group at Host presents the rebranding, products and services with sustainable innovation

Enrico Bracesco, General Manager of Cimbali Group: “Host is the ideal stage to present the new Cimbali Group to our customers and all industry professionals. The company has evolved significantly over the last 100 years and now adopts a new vision in which people come first and sustainability is the driver of a segment-based business model focused on providing its customers with an integrated service in which collaboration, profitable development, diversity and inclusiveness are the keys to future growth”

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MILAN, Italy – After over a century of passion, tradition and coffee culture, today the company presents itself at Host 2023 with a new name, Cimbali Group, which more aptly conveys the identity of a business that has evolved over time without losing sight of its commitment to product and service innovation and environmental and social sustainability.

The Cimbali Group is publicly unveiling its new identity with a high-impact exhibition display that highlights its new logo and new company colours and in which visitors can explore a variety of spaces to discover all the new products and services of the LaCimbali, Faema, Slayer, Keber and Casadio brands.

Cimbali Group at Host

The space is arranged according to business segment to reflect the new organisation: Bars and Hotel Industry – and the new segments Chains, Office Coffee Service (OCS) and Home which offer wide ranges of espresso machines (traditional and super-automatic), grinder-dosers, digital services (apps for professionals and enthusiasts), solutions and accessories.

In addition, an experiential theatre will immerse visitors in an engaging and sensory setting in which they can access content and information on the Cimbali Group’s commitment to sustainability.

“Host is the ideal stage to present the new Cimbali Group to our customers and all industry professionals,” comments Enrico Bracesco, General Manager of Cimbali Group. “The company has evolved significantly over the last 100 years and now adopts a new vision in which people come first and sustainability is the driver of a segment-based business model focused on providing its customers with an integrated service in which collaboration, profitable development, diversity and inclusiveness are the keys to future growth.”

Gruppo Cimbali Enrico Bracesco
Enrico Bracesco

The Cimbali Group’s new vision, which prioritises people’s needs, also lays the guidelines for a more integrated approach to business in which the focus of the product range is no longer just the espresso machine but also, and above all, the value-added services that a professional or coffee lover acquires when choosing a Cimbali Group brand product.

Cimbali Group: rebranding for the future

#TheNewEraofCimbaliGroup is the concept behind the corporate rebranding of the new Cimbali Group. Not only does it encapsulate the essence of an evolving company, it also defines a stand-alone visual identity that is distinctive from those of the commercial brands LaCimbali and Faema, Slayer and Casadio.

This evolution is also reflected in the completely redesigned logo, a simple, minimalist, modern monogram that expresses the company’s vision and reinforces people’s sense of belonging. The two new company colours – aquamarine and copper – symbolise the hot and cold mechanics of our business.

Innovation and sustainability, drivers of change

#TheNewEraofCimbaliGroup continues to prioritise innovation. In 2023, over 5% of the Group’s turnover is invested in research and development into new cutting-edge technologies, the digitisation of processes and services and, naturally, sustainability.

tursini cimbali
Maurizio Tursini, chief product marketing and solutions of Cimbali Group (image provided)

With an approach focused on transparency and responsibility, the Group has decided to develop its own sustainability policies, not limiting them to production processes but taking a broader view of the entire sector in order to convey the company’s commitment to people, products and the environment through its coffee machines, which come into contact with millions of consumers around the world every day.

With this in mind, several years ago the Cimbali Group identified the four action areas which it continues to prioritise today: people, product, planet and partnerships.

And the Group is currently presenting its second Sustainability Report in which it illustrates the challenges it has faced, the actions it has taken and the results it has achieved to date as part of a dynamic process of change which has seen it take another step forward, broadening its vision of the future and redefining its market position more effectively.

Without ever losing sight of the importance of people and their needs, the Cimbali Group has also embarked on a process of digitising its services to guarantee professionals, and therefore also end customers, high-quality performance and maximum customisation according to the needs of their specific market.

Working with IoT, the company has created the Global Remote Service Program in collaboration with TeamViewer, a connectivity software that makes it possible to interact remotely with the machine to optimise the after-sales service and the customer experience. It has also developed touchless interaction with Cup4you – Evo, an app that uses a Wi-Fi connection to offer new levels of interaction with super-automatic machines, and Art.IN.Coffee, a data processing platform to gather advanced information on beverage consumption, the monitoring of key machine operating parameters and useful information to optimise energy efficiency.

Another innovation are the Machine APIs, ‘open’ digital solutions that allow users to independently develop their own app or digital solution to interact with their machines and then easily integrate it into their digital systems to simplify the entire coffee experience, from drink selection to payment.

In the Slayer brand space, the Cimbali Group is highlighting the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of the American brand with live demonstrations of how a machine is assembled: precision, passion and an eye for detail that set the brand apart on the market.

A new business segment-based approach

The Cimbali Group’s new vision also lays the guidelines for a more integrated approach to business in which the focus of the product range is no longer just the espresso machine but also, and above all, the value-added services that a professional or coffee lover acquires when choosing a Cimbali Group brand product.

New for bars and coffee shops

One of the new products presented at Host 2023 is the new LaCimbali M40 mid-range espresso machine. The M40 picks up where the M200 left off, a fitting addition to the family. It is made of 94.4% recyclable materials and permits significant energy savings both in terms of overall consumption and in ready-to-use mode (66%).

Its size and inclination improve workflow and ergonomics for the coffee professional, while its single user interface, fully customisable, improves the barista’s user experience. The M40 is also connected at all times to the LaCimbali Project app so its settings can be adjusted remotely. Also available as of this year is the Sensory Function, a feature for experimenting with various recipes based on your needs through sensory analysis.

Solutions for the chains segment

The Cimbali Group range for the Chains segment consists of ideal solutions for large chains after a consistently excellent coffee experience. One of the stand-out products in this category at HOST 2023, the LaCimbali S30 is perfect for quick-service restaurants (QSR) because it guarantees high levels of performance – 300 cups per day – while always guaranteeing the best LaCimbali quality in the cup.

It is designed to guarantee a wide and varied range of beverages to satisfy all tastes – hot and cold frothed milk recipes and, thanks to HQ Milk technology, a milk foam with excellent consistency. The machine can also be controlled remotely via two-way telemetry and the Cup4You app.

Products for the Office Coffee Service (OCS) world

The Cimbali Group’s flagship service at HOST 2023 for Offices is the Cup4You app and the Machine API, for touchless interaction with all LaCimbali and Faema super-automatic machines. An innovative app that offers users a highly intuitive, interactive experience when customising and ordering drinks from their personal device. By scanning a QR code, you can connect to one or more machines, view and customise your drink and have it dispensed.

The app also allows you to save your favourite recipe on your smartphone or tablet and ask your coffee machine to make it whenever you fancy a cup. Payments are made through tokens (credits), VPOS or digitally. The app has been further enhanced with new features developed specifically for self service contexts, including Offices and Hotels: user accounts (belonging to office employees or hotel guests) can be created and associated with Admin accounts (Hotel and Office).

The LaCimbali S-Lite is the new super-automatic machine designed for the Not Only Coffee segment, i.e. convenience stores, small offices, hotels and B&Bs where final users generally lack the knowledge and skills of a barista and therefore require ‘self-service’ machines that are easy to use and maintain.

It is a compact machine whose name clearly and concisely conveys its size and performance levels, capable of adapting to its target users.

With a capacity of 80 cups per day, it is suitable for those who have little space but are unwilling to compromise on quality in the cup. With its minimalist, all-Italian design, the S-Lite features a customised interface and a range of digital services such as Art.In.Coffee, the Global Remote Service Program, in collaboration with TeamViewer, and the Cup4You app.

Meanwhile, Faema is presenting the X Compact super-automatic, the brand’s first entry-level machine. The all-Italian design is in keeping with the rest of the Faema family, the interface is customised, there is a water tank and a range of digital services, such as the Art.In.Coffee, Global Remote Control and Cup 4 You apps, have been enabled.

A Faema range to meet the needs of all different types of consumers. The name X Compact clearly and concisely conveys the size of the product and its performance levels, capable of adapting to its target users with their smaller spaces and reduced needs.

New from Casadio

Nettuno, the new machine by Casadio, pays homage to the company’s hometown of Bologna and embraces the values for which this brand is known: strength, flexibility, beauty and creativity. With its original, linear and compact design by Manuela Bucci, Nettuno has a polished stainless steel front panel, soft-touch filter holders and teardrop buttons with illuminated gem.

casadio nettuno
Casadio Nettuno (image provided)

It is available in black and white with the option of customising the side panels post-purchase. It is equipped with a reliable thermosyphon system that guarantees high-performance thermal stability for excellent coffee in the cup even at the busiest times of day.

New grinder-dosers

To complete its range and always guarantee the best quality coffee in the cup, the Cimbali Group also offers a wide selection of grinder-dosers for all its brands, including the latest additions: the G50, the G20 and Elective.

G50 (image provided)

The LaCimbali G50 completes the perfect experience with the M40. Versatile, fast and precise, the G50 is designed to simplify the user experience, especially in coffee shops. The elegant and completely innovative design boasts a new interface, the easy to use and fully customisable TFT3.5 capacitive touch display.

The intuitive adjustment system and stabiliser ensure consistent performance over time, even after intensive use during peak hours. The premium version is equipped with a Bluetooth system and PGS technology to guarantee perfect espresso grind quality.

M40 (image provided)

If the question is how to consistently guarantee a perfect coffee grind, the answer is Elective, a grinder-doser which, thanks to the Bluetooth system and PGS 2.0 technology, is able to communicate with LaCimbali machines.

The grinder-doser’s motor is equipped with a low-energy inverter which ensures consistent performance over time, even after heavy use at peak times in coffee chains, for example.

For Faema espresso machines, the MD5000 is Faema’s new grinder-doser for simplifying everyday operations. Fast, reliable and accurate, it is equipped with titanium nitride grinders and a self-adjusting dose system that ensure the necessary consistency and precision to cope with heavy use during peak hours.

The design is also a perfect match for Faema machines. The main body is made of extruded aluminium and is fitted with a 3.5” touchscreen display.

MUMAC, pride of Cimbali Group

MUMAC, the Cimbali Group Coffee Machine Museum, also presented a few new projects at Host 2023 to showcase the concepts of responsibility, inclusiveness and interaction that formed the basis of the restyling carried out last year to mark the museum’s tenth anniversary.

In the red corner of the stand dedicated to the museum visitors were able enjoy a MUMAC Experience thanks to an array of different content. A new corporate museum video featuring cinematic effects and a video shot with a drone took  visitors on a virtual “flight” through the rooms of the museum and among the most iconic machines that have written the history of this segment of Made in Italy.

In addition, other specially produced videos retraced the milestones in the history of the company, from its beginnings to today, but also in the history of the coffee machine, the production chain, from bean to cup, and the digital archive.

andrea clerici
Andrea Clerici, new commercial director of the Group

The new website was also launched with an improved structure and greater content, as well as enhanced user-friendliness to optimise user visits.

MUMAC was also open during Host for visits on the days and times indicated on the website. Visitors were able to enjoy a spectacular new exhibition in one of the museum rooms and, thanks to the new MUMAC App-audioguide, book a tailor-made guided tour, choosing from the different multilingual tours in the audio guide and enjoying the museum experience at their own pace.

MUMAC Academy, countless live events

The Host 2023 spotlight shined also on the coffee specialists and ambassadors of MUMAC Academy, the Cimbali Group training centre, with a full schedule of activities over the course of the event.

There was another edition of “It’s Only Roast ‘N’ Brew (But I Like It)”, the programme for roasters but not only. Coffee experts and speciality lovers told their story and philosophy using high-performance, top-of-the-range products such as the LaCimbali M200 and the Faema E71E.

There were demonstrations with international champions: Latte Art with Carmen Clemente and Manuela Fensore, world champions in this discipline, and Coffee in Good Spirits on the Faema E61 with Rastislav “Rasty” Kasàr, UK champion and Faema brand ambassador.

The LaCimbali M200 starred in “Every Hero Has a Sidekick”, a brand new event that looks at how to improve a barista’s daily work through the use of the M200 technologies, which will be held twice a day at 11 am and 3 pm, and in “Francesco Sanapo meets & greets LaCimbali M200”, a Columbian coffee tasting competition on Saturday at 11 am.

And the tastings didn’t stop with coffee: Elisa Moratello, Tea Taster and Founder of Teatips, led a tasting of premium quality whole leaf tea made with the Faemina.

Also during Host, MUMAC Academy held workshops for professionals as part of the Mixer Educational event organised by Mixer magazine at their stand.

About Cimbali Group

Cimbali Group is one of the leading manufacturers of professional machines for making coffee and milk-based drinks, as well as coffee shop equipment. The Group, which includes the La Cimbali, Faema, Slayer and Casadio brands, operates through three production plants in Italy and one in the United States (in Seattle, where the machines are produced under the Slayer brand), employing a total of around 850 employees.

The Group’s commitment to promoting espresso culture and the local area led to the foundation of the MUMAC Coffee Machine Museum in 2012, the first and largest permanent exhibition dedicated to the history, world and culture of espresso machines, located at the Cimbali Group headquarters in Binasco.

MUMAC is home to MUMAC Academy, the Cimbali Group coffee machine academy, a training, promotion and research centre.

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