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Choose the right pulse for your coffee at World of Coffee in Amsterdam

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Taste three different extractions using the same coffee and choose the one you like best. Discover all the benefits of PulseJet technology. This contest will be staged at World of Coffee in Amsterdam from 21 to 23 June – stand C36.

Ten roasters will offer you their coffee extracted with PulseJet technology in three different settings (intensive, medium and light) to discover how the same coffee can bring out different aromas and nuances.

After introducing the SIS system, today with Aurelia Wave Nuova Simonelli reaches a new milestone in the science of extraction with Pulse-Jet, the new patented technology to optimise flowrate and water pressure during dispensing.

The result? You can explore extraction profiles never before experienced: a spectrum of aromas, nuances, olfactory and palatal sensations that will amaze you, but with a satisfied smile as you try a coffee you have never tasted before.

It will be a double experience, because the roasters alternating in the three days of the show will enable you to taste extraordinary coffee. Here’s who they are:

Hiang Kie Coffee College. “Think for you” is the slogan of us. We dedicated to the development to specialty coffee in China since 2012 and we focus on two things: education and roasted coffee. For education, we have 3 AST and will have around 30 different SCA courses annually.Maruyama coffee’s roasting & barista classesWCEP & JCThe Barista CampScentone flavorist training. All the classed are tailor made to fit the specific need of China. Because we want students learn really useful skill so that they can deliver the true value to customers. As for roasted coffee, we source the green coffee through talented people, like Maruyama coffee and Trabocca. Because we trust their relationship and their dedication to support the farmer. And we put our focus on telling the user where is the value of those coffee and how you should appreciate the cup the coffee. Great roasted coffee and useful training are two most powerful tools of HKCG coffee college. Think for you, that’s the most unique soul of us.

Sussmund Kaffee is a small microroastery based in Vienna and focused on direct traded Speciality Coffee. We are not blending our Coffees, we are just offering seasonal Single Estate Arabica Coffees. One of our goals is to communicate Diversity in Taste and our individual approach in every single part of our Production Chain. In terms of sustainability we established long term relations with a view transparent working and high quality focused Green Coffee Buyers, to source the best possible Quality. Our Coffees won several times the Austrian Brewers Cup (2014,2015, 2016) and we are proud to call our Clients as one of the best ones.

UCC Coffee Switzerland is a roastery located in Switzerland. People at UCC COFFEE are passionate about coffee – we love and live coffee. We travel to the origin to meet the farmers and to find the best beans. Our aim is to find the perfect cup. We want to link the producer with the roaster and finally with the barista who prepares and serves the coffee. We want to create magic moments with a cup of coffee – every day. By doing so, we are highlighting also the hard work at the origin – the source of the goodness of a cup.

L’arbre A Cafe presents the first blend made with Biodynamic Specialty Coffees. For the past eight years, L’Arbre à Café has imported high quality specialty coffees directly from Biodynamic farms around the world. This blend aligns with our conception of the coffee of tomorrow, Next Step Coffee: high quality coffee, beneficial both to men and nature. It associates five growers from India, Peru, Panama, Brazil and Honduras. Find us at

Taylor Street. Sourced from around 30 origins, we roast and taste every small batch of single origin coffee from some of the world’s best estates and cooperatives. We can guarantee the quality and consistency of every batch of coffee we deliver. Most importantly though, it tastes really good. We can support with training your baristas so that your customers get consistent and high quality coffee every time. We have designed and run over 60 cafes, and have some of the highest volume, quality focused cafes in the UK testing these designs. We are happy to share our experience so that you can make the most of your unique space. We can also supply all your coffee brewing equipment from the industry’s best brands.

Johan&Nystrom. We are a group of friends that founded The Johan & Nyström coffee roaster with the vision of a better coffee world. Our mission, then and now, is to convey our craft and to roast tastier, more fun and sustainable coffee. Our coffee is always carefully selected and handpicked by farmers that share our passion and interest in quality. Our philosophy is based on the origin, the farmers knowledge and full transparency from plant to cup.

Mocca D’or – coffeeroasters since 1930, is a premium coffee brand and supplies coffee, related products and machines of Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino to top quality catering businesses and espressobars. Mocca d’Or is one of the top 5 brands within the coffee branch in The Netherlands. Together with Nuova Simonelli, Mocca d’Or strives to get the best out of the Barista when it comes to preparing the very best espresso (based) coffees! Furthermore, Mocca d’Or is partner and sponsor for the Specialty Coffee Association.

One Take Coffee – fresh roasted coffee from Hamburg Altona. To say hello in Hamburg you just yell „Moin“ – simple and clear. And this is also how we like our coffees up here in the north. Easy and excellent, this is our idea about honesty in coffee. Every cup yells a „Moin“ to you before you drink it – because it‘s just good coffee. We neither boss you with special recipes nor judge your intuitive preparations, we only take care about outstanding roasted beans. That´s how we do it in the north, easy but good!

Sarutahiko. Specialty coffee roaster / café based in Ebisu, Tokyo. Our priority is to make people happy with just a cup of coffee. To bring a smile to everyone’s face, we are dedicated to delivering the best cup of coffee for all of you. Wish the smiles spread worldwide.

Cortese single-origin coffees are premium coffee beans from specific geographical regions with an independent and distinctive character, blended and roasted in Italy according to the coffee profile required by our baristas. Our philosophy at Cortese is to diversify and to evolve. Our emphasis is on knowledge and education and we use the best equipment for an excellent result in the cup. We promote Nuova Simonelli equipment for absolute stability, design and innovation.

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