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Chocolat-e launches its gourmet chocolate on the American market

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SANDY, Ore., USA — Chocolat-e (pronounce chocolate) is a brand new chocolate company with a mission: offer a gourmet chocolate experience to their customers. “You should see their face when our chocolate hits their taste buds!”. Jeanyves Verdu, co-founder, never tires of the unexpected pleasure of his customers.

“Chocolate is a truly amazing ingredient, especially the one we’re sourcing. Our chocolate is so complex and rich in savors that we’re using it naked, without inclusion nor addition,” he explains. “Customers never experienced gourmet chocolate before, that’s why we are taking them through a chocolate experience. Most of them have never experienced chocolate like Chocolat-e before.”

The cocoa — 100% single origin and probably the finest one ever produced — is provided by Valrhona. The recipes are created by Frédéric Cassel, Best Pastry Chef France, 1999 and 2007, President of the French Team, Pastry world cup winner, 2013.

“To me, chocolate — like wine — is a terroir. The percentage of cocoa was a trick invented by manufacturers, and that it is secondary to the typicality of its terroir,” says Frédéric Cassel who leveled the four Dark chocolates at the same percentage: 72% (Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Mexico). So consumers can focus on each chocolate’s aroma.

Tasting is a very personal experience, related to one’s perceptions, memories and reconnections. It also relies on one’s ability to translate sensations into words. “Chocolate needs to be melted to a certain temperature to release its aroma”, says Norm Rice, co-founder. “We teach customers what professionals know. After our tastings, they thank us for ‘enlightening and encouraging them to take their time to taste chocolate!’”

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