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Chilled coffee specialities at the touch of a button with WMF Chilled Coffee

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GEISLINGEN, Germany — Coffee machine manufacturer WMF is catering to this growing demand for chilled coffee beverages with the innovative Chilled Coffee system. An integrated counterflow cooler reduces the dispensing temperature of a freshly brewed coffee to below 50 degrees.

Instead of having to brew or cool the coffee for hours on end, the Chilled Coffee technology delivers a coffee product within seconds which can then go on to be prepared further straight away. Refreshing classics such as iced coffee and caffè freddo as well as the latest on-trend beverages involving syrup and the like can be prepared faster and above all much more easily.

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The new Chilled Coffee technology, which is available for the first time in the WMF 5000 S+ fully automatic machine, offers more than simply process reliability and efficiency – sustainability and economical energy usage are core principles of the system and are incorporated effectively with the aid of the counterflow cooler.
Before the hot coffee from the brewing unit is conveyed to the spout, it first flows through the counterflow cooler.

There, the cold fresh water flows to the boiler in the opposite direction for the next cup. This is the point where the energy exchange takes place – the coffee becomes cooler while the water gets warmer.


As a result, the water doesn’t have to be heated as much in the boiler and no additional refrigeration units are needed to cool the coffee. Fully automatic coffee machines with Chilled Coffee technology therefore do not consume more energy than comparable machines which do not feature this innovative equipment.

For restaurateurs and hoteliers, the system is a worthwhile investment in two respects: firstly, a greater variety of coffee specialities can be offered, and secondly, the machine can be used in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner – provided the Chilled Coffee system is used regularly.


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