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CECAFE – Brazil’s coffee shipments up 15.4% in Jan-Oct period

Brazil shipped 29.9 million bags (60kg each) of coffee overseas from January to October 2014. This represents a 15.4% increase over the same period last year according to the Brazilian Council of Coffee Exporters (CeCafe).

In terms of USD value, these exports generated USD5.3 billion, which represents a 20.4% boost over the same period in 2013, according to CeCafe.


CeCafe’s Director, Guilherme Braga, stressed on a press release that “these figures demonstrate that the world continues appreciating Brazilian coffee”.

According to the organization, coffee exports in October alone reached 3.26 million bags, a .9% increase compared to October last year. On the other hand, revenues amounted to US$672,968, which represents a 38.7% increase over October 2013.

During the first 10 months, the main destinations of these exports were: Europe (54%), North America (25%), Asia (15%) and South America (3%).

On a per country basis, the US was the largest consumer (6.1 billion bags), followed by Germany (5.67 billion bags) and Italy (2.35 billion bags).

During these 10 months, the most exported variation of coffee were: coffea arabica (81.8%), instant (9.7%) and robusta (8.5%).