Friday 19 August 2022

Heirloom brings fully regenerative organic coffee to market

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OAKLAND, Calif., USA – Heirloom Coffee Roasters, the California Based Regenerative Coffee Brand announced it would be the first brand to bring fully Regenerative Organic Certified coffee to market in June 2022 by roasting coffees that are cultivated using 100% regenerative farming techniques.

Heirloom’s Cooperativa Sacacli – ROC Certified Regenerative Coffee will be made exclusively from one of the world’s first lots of commercially available ROC Certified coffee beans, grown in Cooperativa Sacacli of Jinotega, Nicaragua.

ROC Certification, a revolutionary new certification for food, textiles, and personal care ingredients, requires products to meet the highest standards in the world for soil health, animal welfare, and farmworker fairness and goes beyond organic standards.

“We believe regenerative agriculture is more than a buzzword; it’s the most critical step in preserving specialty coffee which is why all Heirloom Coffees are sourced from farms which utilize regenerative agricultural practices.

One of the biggest threats to our collective future is the immense loss of crops due to the loss of biodiversity, clean water, and fertile soil that include critical trace minerals required for farming. Without a meaningful shift to more land-friendly tactics, approximately 60% of coffee growing regions may be unsuitable for production by 2050,” said Hovik Azadkhanian, CEO of Heirloom Coffee Roasters.

“We strive to lead the specialty coffee industry’s transition to regenerative farming and are committed to restoring coffee growing regions by working exclusively with farmers implementing regenerative agricultural practices.”

Heirloom is pioneering the regenerative coffee revolution by making ethically farmed, higher-quality coffees more accessible to the masses.

The brand’s master roasters roast each batch with a signature culinary roasting style developed in-house that focus on creating nuanced, naturally sweet, and fragrant aromas in the forward, middle, and finish of each cup. Heirloom Coffee Roasters is available at independent grocery retailers across the West Coast, food service distributors nationally, and available for purchase online at

About Heirloom Coffee Roasters

Heirloom Coffee Roasters is the newest premium brand of coffee by America’s Best Beverage. It is the first brand to roast competition-quality coffee sourced from 100% regenerative sources. Roasted in Oakland, CA, Heirloom Coffee’s mission is to pioneer the regenerative coffee revolution by providing hyper-sustainable coffees for the retail and food service industries and save the future of specialty coffee.

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