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Califia Farms expands distribution of new plant butters nationally

Califia Farms

LOS ANGELES, U.S. – Califia Farms, a leading, independently-owned, plant-based food and beverage company, is announcing national distribution for its new Plant Butters. The plant-based alternative to dairy butter is the first product outside the company’s current beverage portfolio of plant-based milk, creamers, drinkable yogurts and cold brew coffee. Plant Butters are now available nationally at Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Target and other natural and major retailers.

An alternative dairy pioneer, Califia Farms is committed to expanding its range of products to satisfy the growing consumer interest in plant-based products. With the plant-based butter category worth $198 million and sales growing 8% in the past year and 15% over the past two years, [i] Califia Farms Plant Butters address consumer demand for plant-based alternatives to traditional dairy butter.

“With people of all generations – especially Gen Z – eating more plant-based foods, [ii] now is the perfect time to introduce more delicious, plant-based options that fit seamlessly into their lifestyle. Our Plant Butters spread, melt and bake just like dairy butter, but have a clean label and high quality ingredients,” said Suzanne Ginestro, chief marketing officer at Califia Farms.

“We will continue to innovate and introduce products that are better for people and the planet.”

Califia Farms Plant Butters can be used just like dairy butter in cooking and baking recipes, or simply spreading on toast or vegetables. Available in Sea Salt with Avocado Oil and Sea Salt with Olive Oil, the spreads have incredible flavor and texture and have:

  • A whole food base: made with cashews, which provide healthy fats, and tiger nuts, a small root vegetable from Africa that are high in antioxidants and prebiotic fiber
  • Heart-healthy oils: high-quality avocado and olive oils at concentrations exceeding those in leading plant spreads
  • Cultures and nutritional yeast: churned longer for a rich, authentically buttery flavor
  • No: canola or palm oil, trans fats, soy, lactose, or GMOs

Visit the Califia Farms blog for recipes featuring our new Plant Butters and other Califia products.