Friday 24 March 2023

Caffè Mokey and Sta Impianti team up in search of the perfect roasting

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MILAN – Caffè Mokey, a long-time roaster Italian based in Muggio (Monza e Brianza), continues to trust STA Impianti for supplying its coffee roasting machines. STA Impianti, a company based in Emilia specialized in the manufacturing of roasting machines, has recently installed in Caffè Mokey’s facilities a new-generation “Futura K” type solution, with a capacity of 180 kg, set up to increase production levels, while also allowing a more precise and flexible roasting process.

Caffè Mokey and Sta Impianti, the protagonists of the story:

Mokey was founded in 1966 and boasts over 50 years of experience in the coffee industry. Managed by the Colombo family, now in its third generation, Mokey has become a point of reference in the Monza e Brianza province, and can boast over 1000 customers in the coffee shops and capsules markets, in Italy and abroad.

The blend selection, the origins and the quality of the green coffee are carefully selected by the owner, while the processing and packaging of the product are supervised by the highly skilled staff. Both show the same passion for the work as the founder did 50 years ago.

STA Impianti, headquartered in Bologna, is also a point of reference in the coffee industry

having a long experience in the designing, building and marketing of roasting systems and boasting a large base of machines installed throughout the world.

Futura K 180: the flexible “Green Machine”

Futura K 180

Towards the end of last year, Mokey, a longtime partner of STA Impianti, decided to equip itself with a new machine made in Bologna, the Futura roasting machine series “K”, in the 180 kg capacity, fitted to meet the specific production needs of Mokey.

This is a cutting-edge machine featuring a series of inverters that allow for significant energy savings if compared to machines of the previous generation. The roasting machine is also equipped with a latest generation heat generator that allows for a substantial reduction in gas consumption, while also giving the machine great flexibility and high precision.

With the monitoring of the Maillard reaction, the operator can intervene in real time on the roasting parameters, increasing or decreasing the heat, so as to obtain optimal results, without ruining or wasting the product.

Small to medium batches

The machine capacity, 180 kg, is perfectly aligned with Mokey’s needs, representing a good compromise between a low capacity and a big batch system. The STA roaster can also work with much smaller raw material quantities, of about 15-20 kg.

A front view of the coffee roaster

This is useful especially when the customer needs to roast small batches, for instance for high quality coffee. The ability of working with reduced coffee quantities is also useful for tests and for setting up the machine in the most efficient way based on the production batch. The machine also boasts those features that have made STA solutions true market “bestsellers”, among which are the great durability and quality of construction.

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