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Caffè Carraro chooses Spreafico for its coffee capsule production lines

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SCHIO, Italy – Caffè Carraro is a company headquartered in Schio, Vicenza, specialized in the roasting, packaging and distribution of coffee, with a wide range aimed both at the families and at the Ho.Re.Ca. and Vending channels.

Since the beginning, the company has invested in the widening and promotion of its offering, in order to satisfy a variety of customers, following an ever evolving market, while respecting its tradition.

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This was a policy that, without ever sacrificing quality, helped Carraro become one of the most important Roasters in the Italian and international landscape.

To be able to follow the latest market trends, the Company decided to invest in the development of a facility for the specific production and packaging of coffee in capsules, in which three modern production lines were fitted, aimed at four different types of compatible coffee capsules: “Nespresso”, “A Modo Mio”, “Dolce Gusto” and “Lavazza Blue”.


All of the lines employ Spreafico machines. The lines are already fully functional and the production levels are excellent, being capable to provide for an ever growing demand.

Spreafico plants have been favored because they guarantee high levels of technology and performance, while at the same time ensuring the utmost reliability. All of the three machines being used in the production facility have a six lane setup and work seamlessly with integrated upstream and downstream units.

The machine for the “Dolce Gusto”  capsules was the latest to be operational. This is a type of a capsule that seems to be in high demand by the market, as it allows for the packaging of a wide variety of products such as large coffee, espresso, cappuccino and, especially, a selection of blended drinks requested by the international markets.

This solution also guarantees a long term preservation of the drink and an optimal quality of it during the filtering and delivering stages. In order to accomplish this, the capsules boast cutting edge technologies, which require a particularly accurate handling by the machine.

Spreafico is able to guarantee, for all capsule types, great care in the various stages of filling, weighing and sealing.

In addition to this, as for all the units produced by the Italian company, advanced systems for the injection of nitrogen ensure that the residual percentage of oxygen inside the capsule is less than 1%, which greatly benefits the quality of the product over time.

Giulio Zanandrea, Carraro marketing manager, says “The partnership with Spreafico has been established because we noticed how consistently reliable the company has shown itself to be in recent years.

When he took into consideration type, performance and flexibility, the plants produced by the Lecco based company were the most suited to be employed in our capsule production facility.

In addition to providing the machines for the filling of capsules, Spreafico contributed to the engineering of the line and to the optimization of the layout, demonstrating an approach which prioritizes the client’s needs and problem solving”.


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