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BRITA introduces the Water Map, an evolving water conditions data model

The interactive tool contains thousands of European water parameters, including water plant data, water table attributes, BRITA specialist on-site tests, and customer submitted samples

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MILAN, Italy – BRITA offers water filtration solutions for every need. Knowledge of the water quality is an essential success factor for filtration and is also vital to ensure optimal and individual filter consultancy. The company services now include an evolving water conditions data model which runs across international borders and is operated by dedicated research and development scientists – the BRITA Water Map.

The BRITA Water Map is a digital service tool that shows information on water quality (e.g. lime, gypsum, salt, soft water, corrosion risks) in a specific region to optimize the water analysis and filter selection performance of BRITA Professional products. As the composition of mains supply water varies geographically, the BRITA Water Map charts the differences.

Knowledge engineering selects precision filter systems by postcode

The interactive tool contains thousands of European water parameters, including water plant data, water table attributes, BRITA specialist on-site tests, and customer submitted samples. As BRITA laboratories constantly conduct tests and enter new water data into the system, the result is an evolving analytical resource giving the service staff water quality information before customer visits. The company can now prepare the optimal filters, systems, and comprehensive water analysis reports for customers in advance.

Naturally, this foreknowledge has advantages. The company specialists can not only investigate unique geographical conditions which influence filter selection, they can also prepare the most viable and applicable filter solutions for each client. As the data is checked by research personnel and/or proofed by algorithms before uploading to the system, the integrity of local water information is assured.

The harmonization of water conditions and professional needs

In recent years, customer interest, knowledge, and expectations regarding water and filtration solutions have increased significantly. Supporting instruments such as the BRITA Water Map facilitate smooth and mutually beneficial day-to-day business with customers. A harmonized (water data + geographical data) Water Map guarantees consistent consulting quality and is backed by optimal data security.

As experts in water filtration systems with over 50 years’ experience, the company knows that there is no “one fits all” solution for professional customers, especially when their premises, branches, and subsidiaries may be located across states, counties, cities, and borders.

Evolving the BRITA Ecosystem and enhancing customer profitability

BRITA is aiming for continuous Water Map enhancements based on regular feedback sessions, updated waterworks data, and an increase in local water tests. The drive for water data generation, both automated and laboratory processing, is boosted by connecting digital products with an entire BRITA Ecosystem. As this ecosystem grows, more water composition intelligence is added and this in turn enhances the scope, relevance, and performance of our product portfolio as well as the development of new filtration technologies.

BRITA is your partner in water filtration, with a comprehensive product portfolio backed by detailed consultation and dedicated 360-degree service and support. The company listens attentively to customer requirements and feedback, and it is only too happy to invite customers to share BRITA’s expertise and love of water at extensive water training courses.

Ultimately, the company is working towards offering and supporting a “world of water services” geared to sustainable water filtration and according to every local and individual requirement. The company offers customers its expertise as well as water filtration perfection.


The BRITA Logo

With total sales of 656 million euros in business year 2021 and 2,321 employees worldwide (of which 1,263 are in Germany) the BRITA Group is one of the leading companies in drinking water optimisation and individualisation. Its long-established brand BRITA has a leading position in the global water filter market.

The family-owned company based in Taunusstein near Wiesbaden is represented by 30 national and international subsidiaries and branches as well as shareholdings, distribution and industrial partners in 69 countries on all five continents. It has production sites in Germany, the UK, Italy and China.

Founded in 1966, today the inventor of the household water filter jug develops, produces and distributes a wide range of innovative drinking water optimisation solutions for private (water filter jugs, on-tap systems and BRITA Integrated Solutions for small and large electric appliances by renowned manufacturers) and commercial use (hotel sector, restaurants, catering and vending) plus mains-fed water dispensers for offices, schools, restaurants and the hygiene-sensitive care sector (hospitals, care homes).

Since 2016 BRITA has been working with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to protect the world’s oceans from plastic waste, and as such to protect whales and dolphins.

The BRITA Logo
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