Thursday 23 May 2024
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BRITA explains how water filter technologies affect the flavour of coffee in the cup

Using water with an unfavourable chemical composition can cancel out the time, money and effort that have gone into defining and achieving a particular flavour profile, resulting in a sensory experience that falls short of expectations. It’s therefore important to understand in detail not only how different filtration technologies work in technical terms but also how they affect coffee’s flavour

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MILAN, Italy – If you’re on a quest for the perfect cup of coffee, you’ve explored the array of beans, roast levels, blends, and preparation methods. Yet what about the water? The chemical composition of the water can liberate your desired flavour.

Water filtration is the answer, but how does it influence coffee brewing and taste?

BRITA’s fascinating guide demystifies water filtration and highlights the sensory aspects of coffee so you can tailor the delicious sensations of this beverage to your own unique taste.
To view and download the whitepaper published by BRITA on this topic, click here.


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