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Brazil’s coffee shipments were down also in August despite increased Arabica exports

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MILAN – Despite an increase in Arabica volumes, Brazil ’s coffee exports are still lagging last year’s exports. According to Cecafé’s monthly figures, Brazil shipped 2,761,643 bags of all forms of coffee in August, 2.5% down from last year and far below the volume of over 3.5 million bags reported in 2020.

Green coffee exports were 1.2% down to 2,442,297 bags. Arabica shipments rose by 10.6% to 2,442,297 bags.

They were negatively offset by a sharp fall in Robusta exports that were 74.2% down to 89,244 bags, in spite a record conillon output.

Sales of processed coffee (mainly soluble) also recorded a double figure drop (-11.1%) and amounted to 319,346 bags.

Year-to-date exports (January-August) were also down by 5.3% to 25.275.637 bags, the lowest level since 2019. However, earnings rose by a whopping 61.4% reaching a record value of US$5.9 billion.


Brazil exportsIn a note released to the public, the president of Cecafé Günter Häusler attributed the result to “sound price levels practiced in internal and external markets, as well as the favourable exchange rate.”

According to Cecafé, the average price paid for the Brazilian coffee shipped between January and the end of August was US$ 233.58 per bag, up 70.4% from US$ 137.11/bag in the same time in 2021.

Exports of green coffee were equally down by 5.7% to 22,739,900 bags, of which 21,707,220 of Arabica (+1.4%) and 1,032,680 of Robusta -61.7%. Sales abroad of processed coffee fell by 1.4% to 2,535,737.

Brazil exportsThe USA were the main destination for Brazil’s exports, with almost 5.3 million bags, up 4.50% on year. They were followed by Germany, Belgium, Italy and Japan.

Hamburg was the main port of destination, followed by Antwerp, Bremen, New Orleans and New York.


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