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Brazil earned a record US$8.1 billion from coffee exports in market year 2021/22, Cecafé

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MILAN – Despite a sharp decline in volumes, Brazil earned an all-time high revenue from coffee exports in market year 2021/22 (July-June), reports the Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council (Cecafé) in its monthly statistics. According the entity, Brazil’s shipments of all forms of coffee in the last 12 months dropped by over 6 million bags, or 13.3%, to 39,588,713 60 kg bags.

However, Brazil achieved a record revenue of US$8.1 billion, representing a 38.7% increase compared to the 2020/2021 cycle.

Green coffee exports were 14.9% down to 35,491,846 bags, of which 32,889,326 bags (-11%) of Arabica and 2.6 million bags of Robusta (-45%). On the other hand, sales of processed coffee (mainly soluble coffee) rose by 2.8% to almost 4.1 million bags.

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“The revenue, which reached a historic high, reflects the favourable exchange rate and the professionalism of Brazilian exports in these trying times, allowing Brazil to keep its representativeness in global trade and take advantage of high international prices,” commented the entity’s president, Günter Häusler.

He stresses that, despite the drop in volume compared to the 2020/21 season, a record harvest year in Brazil, the amount shipped from July 2021 to June 2022 is still within the average of the last five harvests, which is 39.480 million bags.

In June, Brazil exported 3,144,334 bags, up 2.1% on year. Green coffee shipments rose by 0.6% to 2,793,499 bags, of which 2,652,197 (+11.5%) of Arabica and 141,302 (-64.5%) of Robusta. Sales of processed coffee were 16.2% up to 350,835 bags.

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In the 2021/22 market year, the United States was the main destination for Brazilian coffee, with 7.936 million bags, a volume 4.8% lower than the 8.339 million bags purchased from July 2020 to June 2021. This amount corresponded to 20% of the total exports from Brazil in the recently ended harvest.

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Germany, representing 16.3%, imported 6.465 million bags (-18.7%) and occupied second place in the ranking. Then came Belgium in third, with 3.182 million bags (-17%); Italy, with 3.124 million (+12.9%); and Japan, with the acquisition of 2.171 million bags (-17.3%).

Notable is the success of shipments to Colombia, the world’s third-largest coffee producer, which imported 1.247 million bags of the national product in the 2021/22 season, ranking sixth among major partners.

Hamburg was the main port of destination, followed by Antwerp, Bremen, New Orleans and New York.

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