Tuesday 27 September 2022

Brazil coffee exports were 15% down in July, Robusta shipments at historic lows

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MILAN – Coffee exports from Brazil fell to their lowest levels since 2018 during the month of July, reports Cecafé in its monthly statistics. Exports of all forms of coffee dropped 14.9% to 2,476,437 bags. However, export earnings rose 40.3% thanks to higher international prices, says the Association.

Green coffee exports amounted to 2,168,372 bags, a 15.8% decrease compared to last year. Arabica shipments were 6.5% down to 2,023,747 bags.

Robusta volumes fell sharply (-64.8%) to an historic low of 144.625 bags. Sales of processed coffee (mostly soluble) decreased by 7.9% to 308,065 bags.

Brazil coffee exportsBrazil coffee exports during the first seven months of 2022 were 5.9% down compared to the equivalent period of 2021, at 22,443,793 bags. Export earnings rose to a record $5.23 billion, up 62.4% on year.

Green coffee exports reached 20,238,391 bags. Shipments of Arabica were flat (+0.1%) at 19,299,057 bags, while Robusta exports plummeted to 939,334 bags, their lowest levels since 2019, down 60.1% on year. Sales of processed coffee were slightly down (-0.3%) at 2,205,402 bags.

Brazil coffee exportsArabica coffee continues to lead foreign sales with 86.0%, followed by soluble (9.7%) and Robusta (4.2%).

The USA was once again the main market for Brazilian exports with a volume of 4,659,001 bags (+3%) during the January-July period, followed by Germany (-4.14%), Belgium (+17.5%), Italy (+8%), Japan and Colombia.

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