Sunday 04 June 2023

Boncafe opens showroom in Yogyakarta to strengthen its presence in Indonesia

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YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia – After the grand opening in Jakarta and Bali last year, Bon Cafe Indonesia, part of the Boncafe and Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, announces the latest showroom in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This opening strengthens the presence of Boncafé in Central Indonesia.

The beautiful building with its modern minimalist design is equipped with the passion to become the leading one-stop coffee and beverage solution in Yogyakarta, bringing the perfect brew and quality products to the customers.

Yogyakarta is one of Indonesia’s main tourist destinations thanks to its proximity to Borobudur Temple Compounds – part of the UNESCO World Heritage – and also one of the largest coffee consumer areas of the country: with its remarkable hotels, resorts, restaurants and cafes Yogyakarta offers great opportunities for Boncafé.

The showroom at the first floor displays “La San Marco” coffee machines, ideal for luxury resorts and the Foodservice sector. There is also a wide variety of Food & Beverage products including Boncafe coffees and teas, Segafredo Zanetti coffee, a brand synonymous in the world of Italian Espresso Coffee, as well as Caswell’s Coffee, a leading specialty coffee brand in Indonesia.

On the second floor is the elegant Caswell’s Coffee Lab, where customers can learn everything about coffee and taste a wide range of specialty coffees from all around the world.

Customers will also be able to receive information on the different professional services provided by Boncafé, such as equipment installation and maintenance or tailor-made training courses designed by Boncafé Indonesia’s team.

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