Monday 20 May 2024
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Boncafé launches CaféMatic, a new comprehensive and affordable machine solution

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MILAN – Boncafé International, part of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, presentS CaféMatic, the first series of fully automatic machines. The launch, comprising 4 models, is ready to provide a comprehensive machine solution to businesses seeking quality coffee with an affordable price tag.

The CaféMatic coffee machine series delivers an aromatic and excellent cup of coffee for both the espresso and milk-based options without compromising on the performance and quality.

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Accessible and user-friendly with the touch screen functions, the range of models are designed to complement a variety of environments, including smaller offices which may have space constraints, hotels and large sized restaurants.

CaféMatic 1 and CaféMatic 2 are the ideal coffee machine models for any small and medium businesses. With its compact size, this counter-top coffee equipment can be portable and provides the flexibility to be placed at a variety of suitable locations, bringing customers a delightful coffee experience.


The commercial coffee expert models, CaféMatic 6 & CaféMatic 8 are designed to deliver a range of high quality and rich flavour to elevate the coffee experience with more coffee options.

These 2 models are ideal for hotels, resorts and large sized restaurant’s volume consumption. With the CaféMatic 8, there is an additional powder option, providing customers with a wider range of beverage selections.

One key feature for all the models is the texture of the frothed milk produced, a smooth velvety milk foam. The ability to consistently deliver high quality of foam produced is essential to creating an exceptional cup of milk-based coffee, providing a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. With CaféMatic, an excellent coffee experience is offered with every cup and is the ideal solution for all businesses.


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