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Blue Bottle Coffee and Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye release The Buna Tetu Collection inspired by Ethiopia’s traditional coffee ceremony

First introduced in May 2023 by Blue Bottle Coffee, Tesfaye, and his record label, XO, Samra Origins celebrates Ethiopia's coffee culture and coffee excellence

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OAKLAND, Calif., USA – Today, alongside Blue Bottle Coffee, Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye, and his mother, Samra, invite you into their world with an all-new coffee blend – The Buna Tetu Collection. Named after Ethiopia’s traditional Buna Tetu coffee ceremony, this blend of premium Ethiopian and African coffees is available for a limited time across the U.S. and select Canadian provinces and territories in two formats: Whole Bean and Craft Instant Coffee. Buna Tetu Blend is the latest coffee release under the Samra Origins product line.

First introduced in May 2023 by Blue Bottle Coffee, Tesfaye, and his record label, XO, Samra Origins celebrates Ethiopia’s coffee culture and coffee excellence.

“The Ethiopian tradition of Buna Tetu is synonymous with home for me and has greatly deepened my appreciation for Ethiopian coffee,” said Tesfaye. “The coffee ceremony was a significant piece of our culture my mother would share with our guests, and I remember coming home to the smell of coffee roasting and the chatter of family. Sharing this piece of our culture is very special for my mother and me.”

Ethiopia’s Buna Tetu coffee ceremony served as inspiration for the creation of Buna Tetu Blend. Steeped in tradition, the Buna Tetu ceremony is a cornerstone of Ethiopian culture and serves as a time for family and friends to come together and connect with one another. The ceremony involves meticulous steps of roasting, grinding, and pouring coffee, each undertaken with utmost care, symbolizing honor and hospitality. Accompanied by traditional snacks and incense, it’s a rich celebration of Ethiopia’s heritage. Coffee is not just a beverage during this sacred time, it’s a symbol of connection and community.

Created with Abel and his mother, Samra, Buna Tetu Blend is a bold, chocolatey roast with hints of fruit that echo the flavors of the ceremony. Each sip encapsulates the essence of the ceremony and offers an invitation into the family traditions Samra shared with Abel. Whether enjoyed black or with milk and sugar, hot or iced, its exceptional qualities shine.

Samra Origins


“I’m excited about Samra Origins highlighting coffee and its role in Ethiopian culture,” said Tesfaye. “This product line with Blue Bottle is special because it brings in the passionate coffee community around Ethiopian customs while maintaining the premium standards Ethiopia is known for.”

Samra Origins, the brand and product line by Blue Bottle and Abel, serves as a platform to share coffees that celebrate Ethiopia’s esteemed coffee heritage. Ethiopian coffee is renowned for its vibrant and expressive flavors, each cup representing a journey back to the very origin of coffee itself. Widely considered the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is home to several distinct coffee-growing regions, each known for their unique coffee profiles, and the country is home to some of the most experienced coffee growers, contributing to its esteemed reputation in the global coffee industry. Through Samra Origins, Blue Bottle and Abel invite coffee drinkers to discover the remarkable flavors of Ethiopian coffee and experience the country’s rich coffee heritage and traditions.


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