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Here is how Blackout Coffee is brewing a success story

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LABELLE, Fla., USA – Blackout Coffee focuses on sourcing premium specialty coffee beans combined with a unique roasting process while giving back to military veterans, first responders, and supporting the traditional American values of family and hard work.

At the core of the Blackout Coffee brand is a celebration of the daily grind.

With its headquarters in LaBelle, Florida, the innovative company offers uniquely branded coffee products online featuring whole bean or ground coffee, coffee pods, flavored coffee, tea, and hot cocoa along with branded merchandise. They also provide subscriptions where customers can receive regular deliveries to their homes or business of Blackout Coffee’s products.

So far it has proved an inspiring hit with coffee lovers as Blackout Coffee made an impressive $2.4 million in sales in 2022 with 98 percent of its revenue coming from online purchases.

In the four years since Blackout Coffee was founded, the company has created more than 40 coffee roasts and flavors and experienced tremendous growth serving more than 45,000 customers and surpassing 100,000 fulfilled orders.

Blackout Coffee has launched a StartEngine campaign,(, to spread the word about its coffee brand and to seek potential investors for its fast-growing business.

“We combine premium caffeination and American inspiration to create our own unique slice of the multi-billion-dollar global coffee industry,” said John Santos, founder and CEO of Blackout Coffee. “Blackout Coffee is best known as a community-engaged, small-batch coffee roasting company that actively supports conservative American values. We pride ourselves as an American family-owned and operated company that delivers right to your doorstep a small batch of freshly roasted coffee that lets you stay on your grind all day and every day.”

As a proud supporter of the U.S. military, Blackout Coffee created Operation Blackout, (, to send donated coffee to deployed troops. Customers can order a deployment package on the company’s website to be sent to a designated military unit or a random unit.

What sets apart Blackout Coffee in the highly competitive coffee industry is its attention to sourcing top coffee beans and its meticulous roasting process.

Blackout Coffee’s top coffee brands feature creative names such as “Brewtal Awakening,” “Morning Reaper,” “Covert Op Cold Brew,” “Pitch Black Espresso,” “Low Voltage Decaf Coffee,” “Smooth Finish,” “2A Medium Roast,” and “1776 Dark Roast.”

The global specialty coffee market is expected to grow from USD 53.67 billion in 2021 to USD 152.69 billion by 2030, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.32%, according to a report by the Brainy Insights.

Blackout Coffee appears to be well positioned to benefit from this growth trend and is eying expanding its manufacturing facility in the coming years to meet growing demand.

“Our mission is to provide the highest-quality, best tasting, and a most impressive cup of coffee to the hardest working people in America,” Santos said.

About Blackout Coffee

Blackout Coffee was created for all our fellow American warriors who work hard, play hard, and never stop. Please visit,

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