Wednesday 24 April 2024
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Billy Goat Brands’ FunGuys Beverages announces Kold product manufacturing plan

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada – Billy Goat Brands Ltd., a venture capital platform focused on identifying, sponsoring and incubating environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) focused companies in the blue economy, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned portfolio business, FunGuys Beverages (“FunGuys” or the “Portfolio Business”) has entered into an agreement to secure a manufacturing and distribution fulfilment facility (“Facility Agreement”) in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas for its KOLD line of functional beverages.

The Facility Agreement enables FunGuys to launch its manufacturing plan in late 2021 and begin increasing production of the KOLD line of products shortly thereafter. Headquartered in British Columbia, FunGuys is a leading distributor of organic chaga and lion’s mane mushroom-infused cold brew coffee.

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Additionally, FunGuys’ KOLD line of beverages is entering the United States market with a sophisticated e-commerce store supported by third-party logistics fulfillment capabilities. Sales will be generated from KOLD’s dedicated e-commerce page on TerraCycle’s LOOP platform at, with same-day and next-day fulfillment through UPS. As previously announced, the Company recently appointed Strother Simpson to its Advisory Board, which will work to assist FunGuys with quality control during the manufacturing process and enable the Portfolio Business to meet or exceed its three-year sales targets.

FunGuys’ relationship with TerraCycle’s LOOP program is key to its ESG-driven strategy as the KOLD product line is packaged using reusable glass bottles. Further, LOOP’s plastic-free packaging and shipping boxes also ensure that KOLD does not contribute any microplastics to the oceans.

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Leveraging the LOOP platform is important for FunGuys as it has the support of major American, Canadian and European grocery retailers and consumer packaged goods brands. Ultimately, GOAT’s 100% interest in FunGuys is aligned with its vision of becoming a leading venture capital platform investing in the blue economy, in order to help pave the way for a plastic-free ocean.

FunGuys is positioned to be a leading, premium, functional, cold brew coffee brand in a market that is primarily occupied by high-price, low-potency products.

The KOLD line of beverages is an enhanced cold brew coffee product that’s infused with organic mushrooms and crafted using 100% high altitude Columbian arabica beans for a rich yet smooth taste. Each serving of KOLD is infused with 160mg of chaga and lion’s mane mushroom extract, which have been shown to offer health benefits by acting as an immunity booster.

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