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Biggby brings back the Shark Bite Creme Freeze

BIGGBY COFFEE is bringing back the Shark Bite Creme Freeze, a thrilling blend of blue raspberry and strawberry flavors topped with a gummy shark, as part of its adventurous summer menu featuring innovative drinks and savory snacks

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LANSING, Mich., USA – BIGGBY COFFEE — a franchise with 400 stores nationwide in the U.S. — is bringing back the Shark Bite Creme Freeze for a limited time. Designed to “captivate taste buds with a blend of deadly delicious blue raspberry and strawberry flavors”, this fan-favorite icy treat “promises to be as thrilling as encountering a great white in the deep blue sea.” Topped with a playful gummy shark, “it’s not just a drink — it’s an adventure!”

“We wanted to create something that would leave our customers’ jaws dropped,” said BIGGBY COFFEE Director of Marketing Jaime Balazy.

“The Shark Bite Creme Freeze combines the excitement of summer with flavors that pack a punch, making it a must-try for anyone seeking a taste of thrill.”

Available from July 5-14, the Shark Bite Creme Freeze joins the BIGGBY® COFFEE summer lineup, which includes other tantalizing offerings:

  • The Cookies & Cream collection will feature lattes, Sweet Foam Cold Brews and a Creme Freeze mixed with a custom sauce with notes of rich, chocolate cookies and velvety cream and topped with real Oreo® pieces.
  • The Red Bull Summer Edition flavor, Curuba Elderflower, will be featured in the Poolside Punch Mocktail and its own Creme Freeze. The tropical flavor profile (with hints of floral) will be complemented with dragon fruit for an invigorating and refreshing treat that conjures up memories of summer days, pool parties and sun-soaked oases.

In addition to its innovative drinks, BIGGBY COFFEE continues to offer a variety of food options:

The Chorizo Cheddar Bragel is a toasted bagel topped with hashbrowns and filled with chorizo, cheddar and cream cheese. It’s great for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

Macarons are packed five to a cup and come in an assortment of chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, vanilla and salted caramel flavors.

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