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Italy’s historic coffee roaster Bazzara Espresso formally becomes a Benefit Company

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TRIESTE (Italy) – To crown a path marked by environmental, social and economic sustainability, Bazzara Espresso has formally become a Benefit Company. The historic Trieste roasting company has recently integrated into its statute some specific purposes of common benefit, legally consolidating a solid basis for the alignment of the corporate mission to these principles in the long term.

“Care for the common wellbeing – says Mauro Bazzara, CEO at Bazzara Espresso – is everyone’s responsibility and implies the ability to create value, not just profit. By formally committing to have a positive impact on people and the environment, various companies around the world are adopting this perspective and we can now say that we are officially among them”.

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A notarial deed signed in the presence of the top management of the company sealed the important step, repeatedly declared and announced by intentional and meaningful steps: from the creation of an organic line of coffee products to recycling and reforestation, actions benefiting people and virtuous energy policies.

Bazzara Espresso is therefore finally a full-fledged “Benefit” company, a new legal form recognized in Italy since 2016, and based on the US B Corp and Benefit Corporation models.


Two sides of the same coin: a more advanced, aware and sustainable business model.

Benefit Companies – in addition to indicating the specific corporate purposes of common benefit pursued by the company, which are also binding in the event of important changes in leadership, capital or stock market listings – are also required to attach a report to the annual financial statements describing the progress made and the implemented changes.

In short, it is not just a matter of mere formality but a profound transformation that Bazzara has welcomed with respect to the dominant models of business for profit, which are evolving to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century markets.

“Having the responsibility of sanctioning a future business management – explains President Franco Bazzara – we have defined some fundamental areas of intervention that we believe to be coherent and truly achievable with respect to our current possibilities and the values which we believe in”.

Among the new purposes of common benefit included in the statute of Bazzara Espresso you can find the commitment to the environment, declined in various aspects, the development of sustainable innovation practices and processes, and the focus on producing a positive impact on people and encouraging collaborations with stakeholders.

For each sector of intervention there are then some specific areas envisaged by the company among the intentions of action.

The company is showing a serious, measured and concrete approach, far from mere declarative acts, also by leading as an important communication agency in the world of coffee. Just think of the entire section dedicated to sustainability in the book CoffeExperts.

Also during the Christmas period Bazzara Espresso has shown the usual closeness to all stakeholders and has supported local communities, through the creation of an organic Christmas box, in collaboration with Treedom for the adoption of a tree in the Bazzara Forest, and a sustainable company present: a thermos in aluminum to carry hot coffee with you wherever you go without wasting plastic or paper.

A tribute designed above all for the partners who for years have been sharing two important objectives in harmony with the Bazzara projects: promoting the coffee culture dissemination and contributing to an Italian coffee sector which operates at the highest quality levels.

More information about Bazzara Espresso is available on the website.


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