Monday 24 June 2024
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Baristas lands top social influencers in new affiliate marketing campaign

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SEATTLE, WA, U.S. – Baristas Coffee Company announced that they have begun an affiliate marketing program involving top social influencers on several social media platforms. A

ffiliate marketers are paid 100% on performance and advertise via product reviews, sponsor shout outs, and straightforward advertisements designed to create direct to consumer sales.

This is currently among the most cost effective marketing per dollar methods as the influencers create their own promotions within their respected brands and are only paid for actual orders.

A national advertising campaign already underway will help support consumer awareness to aid in all channels of distribution including TV, Radio, and multimedia platforms being utilized to support the four current Baristas products as well as other products that have completed development.

Barry Henthorn CEO stated: “The impact and value of engaging social influencers and social media is undeniable. As the market continues to shift from traditional marketing to new age social media it is important that Baristas remains at the forefront of this movement in order to introduce our products to new customers. The modern consumer not only discovers new product in this manner, but initiates purchases online and recommends them as a direct result.”

Strong sales have allowed Baristas to introduce two new products to accompany its top selling Baristas White Coffee single serve cups in the past week. The new products that have joined Baristas White Coffee and Espresso roast cups are ground white coffee and a high-end, coffee based morning moisturizer.


Baristas White Coffee cups, which have been featured on CNBC during Shark Tank, Mad Money, and during numerous other programs across major networks, are the nation’s top selling white coffee cups on both Amazon Prime and Overstock dominating a new twist on coffee from Seattle.

The new products are now available online at and soon to be released to its expanding retail and on-line distribution network. Baristas White Coffee contains more than twice the amount of caffeine than traditional coffee yet is less acidic, allowing more people to enjoy its unique taste.

Baristas White Coffee tastes nothing like traditional coffee and meets a need for a truly new and unique beverage taking its place among high end coffee previously only available to true coffee aficionados.


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