Sunday 25 February 2024

Baristas brings capsules compatible with OriginalLine Nespresso Machines

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SEATTLE, WA, U.S. — Baristas Coffee Company has reached an agreement for its signature White Coffee to be introduced and enjoyed by coffee aficionados who own Nespresso OriginalLine Systems.

The OriginalLine encompasses a wide range of machines and opens up new worlds of flavors to those that love authentic Espresso. Some OriginalLine Machines feature an integrated milk-heating and foaming system to produce Lattes and Cappuccinos.

Baristas White Coffee contains more than twice the amount of caffeine than traditional coffee yet is less acidic, allowing more people to enjoy its unique taste. Baristas White Coffee tastes nothing like traditional coffee and meets a need for a truly new and unique beverage taking its place among high end coffee previously only available to true coffee aficionados.

Baristas White Coffee, which was previously only available for the Keurig 2.0 brewing system or in pre-ground bags, has been featured on CNBC during Shark Tank, Mad Money, and during numerous other programs across major networks. Baristas White Coffee has also been featured by Super Mogul Kathy Ireland along with Supermodel/Actress Front Montgomery during the TV show “Modern Living with kathy ireland” which airs on WEtv in the US and to over 50 countries around the world.

Designed for making the perfect Espresso, the technology used in Nespresso OriginalLine Machines uses a high-pressure (19-bar) extraction system to release all of the aromas contained in each coffee capsule. High-pressure technology guarantees an optimum distribution of the water through the ground coffee, resulting in a smooth and authentic coffee, cup after cup.

Barry Henthorn, CEO, stated: “Nespresso has a tremendous established customer base worldwide and is committed to increasing its market share in the US. Only a select few companies are able to produce capsules that are compatible with the Nespresso machines and we are proud to have reached an agreement to introduce Baristas White Coffee to the vast family of discerning coffee consumers who previously have not been able to experience it using Nespresso Machines.”

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