Thursday 09 February 2023

Baristas acquires distribution, manufacturing, and warehouse facility

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SEATTLE, WA, U.S. – Baristas Coffee Company announced that it has acquired a facility for distribution, manufacturing, and warehouse functions in order to centralize and support its line of coffee based products.

The commercial facility is located on an airport and is approximately 3000 square feet of manufacturing/warehouse and 300 feet of office for administrative activities.

Barry Henthorn CEO stated: “The new facility which we have begun moving into will streamline our development, manufacturing, and delivery of our existing and emerging product line of quality coffee based products.

We have made the mistake of outselling our ability to deliver and now that the advertising campaign has begun and better than expected sales are beginning to come in we made sure we are better prepared for the demand.

We are also able to further reduce our overhead be centralizing wholesale operations and combining development and light manufacturing.

This was accomplished without having to make long term commitments so we can grow or contract depending on our needs. Baristas has received extremely enthusiastic responses to our products and the direction of the Company.

Baristas recently kicked off a national multi-faceted advertising campaign which combines digital display advertising driving traffic directly to Amazon with a broad reaching terrestrial (over the air) radio campaign on over 120 stations nationally utilizing the top radio platform in the country.

This campaign is the initial expansion of advertising and focuses exclusively on the unique white coffee Keurig cups.

A media plan has been developed extending out over the next 6 months focusing on the expanding Baristas White Coffee product line as well as other Baristas products soon to be announced.

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