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BARISTA & FARMER – The Coffee Reality Show

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FLORENCE (Italy) – It is with great pleasure that I present to you this extraordinary event, born from my greatest desire to spread culture and passion to all professionals of the sector of coffee in Italy.

Barista & Farmer is a format that, as you can easily tell from its name, will allow Italian baristas and roasters to live a true experience in a farm that produces coffee. The aim is to include the participants into a part of the chain of the world of coffee which is very often unknown, but according to me is fundamentally important in order to comprehend everything that is hidden behind a cup of coffee.

Everything started when I met Rebecca Atienza, the owner of the coffee farm “Hacienda San Pedro”, with whom I’ve started to develop this format. The project will be fully aimed for training selected professionals who will have to live as a farmer for 5 days: wake up at 5am, then brought by an agronomist into the plantation, where they will be guided and educated to harvesting the fruit of coffee, which will be divided into different micro-areas/micro-lots, and subdivided for different botanical varieties.

Then, they will go back down to the finca after a long morning spent in the plantation and the best one of them will be rewarded: the one who’ll have harvested the most cherries, but they will have to have reached the right level of ripeness! It’s educational, isn’t it?

After a meal prepared and offered by Atienza family, everyone goes back in time to the school desks, because every afternoon will be dedicated to Masters of education held by the Puerto Rican department of agriculture and by top level personalities. Issues of great importance will be treated, such as soil properties and their impact on the taste and the quality of the coffee, as well as the proper ripeness of the fruit, talking about the whole process of growth from the flowering to the harvesting, and lectures about the green coffee grading in order to be able to know all the defects of green coffee, plus lectures about roasting and the techniques for operating a roasting machine.

All of this will be constantly followed by a troupe of cameramen which will follow, step by step, every movement of the baristas from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep; also, there will often be mini-interviews to each one of the participants. All the video shooting will be broadcast on a YouTube channel which will serve as a diary to ensure this event becomes a proper reality show.


The event will give a huge amount of visibility to all sponsors both on social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and on the specialized press, because it will be followed by the main coffee magazines. Last but not least, all the coffee harvested by our baristas will be put on the market and a part of the profit will be devolved to some charity associations which help the countries of origin for developing and supporting children’s education.

For the success of the event we need you too… anyone who could be interested in sponsoring the event can contact me directly by sending an email to… let’s fly together, destination Porto Rico.

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